LEADERSHIP : The Chances of Young People Should To Be Heightened

abraham john onoja

abraham john onojaThe youths constitute equally, the highest ratio of every nation. The future of every family, community and nations in the world, rest in the hands of young people. It will be better to say they hold the sphere of every society. But the obvious is happening, simply because we have failed, to see the youths as .

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To be honest, a nation that wants to secure a good future should commit herself into policies that consider a larger percentage of youths.

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Young people are the heartbeat to the success of every nation when they begin to live with purpose, radical change happens. Innovation rises, socio-economic effects of the country ascend.

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Securing a good future encompasses incorporating policies that are youthful driven, considering the young species within the range of 28-years-old for leadership positions. Welcoming new ideas to promote and nurture a good future.


We have a powerful potential in our youths, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power towards good ends. We have thousands of youths with creative intentions, they are the trustees of posterity.

Extra leadership positions should be given to them, they are the determinant factor of a better tomorrow.


Throughout history, youths have been agents of change. Through passion, dive, sacrifice. They have always demonstrated the power to redesign, socio constructs and redefine norms.


In the interest of democracy and development, we must seek to build a nation of strong institutions that serve the youths and younger generations. Giving them the mantle of leadership and higher engagement, which involves idealistic approach, seeking balance in developing our ideas the youths should be involved, because they determine the future.


Youths with sound psyches like , a writer, meticulous achiever. Is one in millions of youths out there that can give in his truest positive energy to everything that matters. He is idealist, courageous, pragmatic with logical bold sense of humour.

Giving in his best is constantly hobbies for him. Abraham John Onoja is a man of many “cliches” but anything Democratic is appealing to him. He is one of the young people whose chances should be heightened.

Ibukun Eunice Abraham writes from Lokoja.



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