By Charles Onokuta Egbenugheraye

Without mincing words, it is already a matter of general awareness that ’s leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Delta State has plunged the Party into a cesspool thereby exposing the weaknesses of the system to the annoyingly meddlesome eyes of the ruling PDP in Delta State. Delta APC under Otega Emerhor is now an epitome of terrible confusion, repulsive division and alarming ‘bad belle’ among members here and there. If I may ask this question, did Femi Pedro, Otega Emerhor’s friend and former Deputy Governor of Lagos who is believed to have introduced Otega Emerhor into politics less than a decade ago, teach him (Emerhor) that politics is all about division and destruction of one another?

There is no doubt that since his venture into the Political terrain of Delta State, Otega Emerhor’s kind of politics has always been one that encourages bad blood, betrayal, mediocrity and amassing of fraudulent wealth through every means possible. He is not a true Politician as he does not only lack the basic qualities that define a Politician but lacks foresight and the ethics to guide his actions and the actions of his followers. In a nutshell, he can be best described as a man with an insatiable appetite for wealth and one who is not just morally bankrupt but bedeviled by an alarming proportion of mental and spiritual poverty. A Machiavellian rascal of the highest order who can never have enough of anything; power and money.

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Otega Emerhor’s mission to political obscurity and his pipe dream ambitions are going to be very swift because of his wrong motives in politics. A chronic pretender who one would think at first sight of him that he constantly emulates God in making the rain to fall on the just and on the unjust. A soft and smooth talker whose gentle appearance completely contradicts the deeply rooted wickedness that exists in his heart.

Behold a man who used to enjoy so much positive response from the social media now at the forefront as a recipient of negative propaganda against his rapidly diminishing political profile. But does he deserve an atom of pity? No! When a man chooses to disregard excellence and embrace mediocrity, ridicule becomes a part and parcel of his life. With his now expired links to very sound Media and Public Communication experts like Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, Prince Daniel Ekiugbo and Jesutega Onokpasa, one would never had expected that one day, Otega Emerhor would become so clueless to the point of engaging poverty-stricken fellows and idiotic rascals like Aghogho Abraham Orotomah, Godspower Ogoru, Oliver Emudainowho and co as his PR managers. Who bewitched Otega Emerhor? Is he aware of the numbers of enemies that these fools under his ‘poverty alleviation’ employment/empowerment have created for him directly and indirectly and still creating more? Wait a minute, is Otega Emerhor actually aware that his official Aide, Aghogho Abraham Orotomah has been calling the private lines of the followers of the (Emerhor) political opponents to insult and threaten them? Is that what being a Leader of an opposition Party is all about? Is Otega Emerhor also aware that the same Godspower Ogoru who he once sacked for stealing #20,000 from his purse to spend on cheap prostitutes at Obalende under the bridge is also revealing sensitive information about him to outsiders just the same way he brings information from others to give to him? Is it that Otega Emerhor now lacks the financial capacity to pay professional Public Communication Experts to build and launder his image that he had to, for the sake of cheap labour, engage intellectually hollow and unprofessional rascals as his cyber Defense Ministry?

As a Party Leader, is it right to arm his social media Aides with iPads and data bundles just for them to derogate, insult and abuse other respected Party Leaders who are only in political disagreement with him? Is Otega Emerhor enjoying the madness of his followers or just too irresponsible to deem it necessary to call them to order?



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