Leadership Crisis: Arewa Youth Accuses Sanwo-Olu’s Commissioner Of Plot To Cause Chaos Among Hausas

Leadership Crisis: Arewa Group Accuses Sanwo-Olu’s Commissioner Of Plot To Cause Chaos Among Hausas Yerima Shettima
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The Arewa Youth  Forum (AYCF) has called on the governor of Lagos, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to call his Commissioner for Waterfront, Kabir Ahmed, to order.

Leadership Crisis: Arewa Group Accuses Sanwo-Olu’s Commissioner Of Plot To Cause Chaos Among Hausas 

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The group accused Ahmed, a northerner in the cabinet, of hijacking the traditional institution of the Hausa community in Lagos and thus usurping the roles of the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs.

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The group also said the silence of the state government to the commissioner’s recent actions and interference in what is strictly the roles of the Arewa Council of Chiefs gives the impression that he is acting a script given him by the government.

The Statement reads;


Our attention has been drawn to the subtle attempt to deliberately create division amongst the Arewa Community in Lagos, through the backdoor, using the office of the controversial Kabiru Ahmed, the half-forgotten Waterfront Commissioner for Lagos State.

This avoidable friction amongst the Arewa Community is engineered by anti-peace and unity elements under the supervision of the Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront Kabiru Ahmed, while the State Government pretends all is well. Indeed, the silence of the Lagos State Government over this brewing crisis has created widespread suspicion that Kabir Ahmed, the Waterfront Commissioner was acting out the script of the Lagos State Government in disguise.

Under this dangerous move against the unity and brotherhood that has held the Arewa Community together for decades, we would like to state as follows:

1. The AYCF condemns in the strongest terms this conspiracy to create bad blood and destabilize the Arewa Community by creating a wrong impression about Arewa Council of Chiefs’ established succession process.

2. We cannot fathom what is the business of a Waterfront Commissioner with the unity, recognition, and respect of the monarchs in the Arewa Community in Lagos. The Arewa Community has no business with a Waterfront Commissioner who means nothing to our people and even less relevant to Lagos itself. We take exception to this senseless meddlesomeness of a Commissioner who is always anxious in crossing the lines, on matters affecting the Arewa Community. However, he is free to seek relevance elsewhere, since it is obvious his office has no project ideas and he is desperate for relevance.

3. We are worried that the Arewa Community has been asking questions about why the Lagos State Government has allowed a Waterfront Commissioner to dominate or hijack what should ordinarily be the role of a Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. It begs the question of whether the Lagos State Government has an organized administrative structure or not. In a modern world governed by strategic communication, it is ridiculous that a Waterfront Commissioner would have the temerity to interfere with a matter strictly concerning the monarchy.

4. We would like to categorically state that this subtle attempt to disunite and destabilize the unity of the Arewa Community in Lagos would be met with legitimate resistance from northerners of good conscience within and outside Lagos. We will no longer fold our arms and watch the desecration of our traditional heritage in Lagos by a confused and desperate Commissioner, aided and abetted by a nonchalant State Government.

5. We say no to this sinister move in its entirety and wish to stress that enough of this deliberate and senseless interference with the affairs of the Arewa Community in Lagos. We have warned, whoever has an ear let him hear. Our position is unequivocal this time and we are prepared for massive legitimate resistance to this unending, undue interference.


Alh. Yerima Shettima

National President



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