You won’t Believe this!, Lawmakers ‘Blackmailing’ Adeosun Into Releasing Billions — ‘Because They Have Something On Her

Kemi Adeosun

Some lawmakers have revealed that the leadership of the National Assembly has some “ammunition” on Finance Minister, and are using this to blackmail her into approving billions of naira to the upper chamber. Reports have shown how Adeosun approved several sums of monies to the National Assembly, sometimes without the approval of the Presidency.

In one of such reports, Adeosun allegedly released the sum of N120 billion to the lawmakers for pet projects. Another report has it that N11 billion was approved by the Minister used to fund unapproved projects of the lawmakers, contrary to presidential order against the projects. However, according to Premium Times, this generosity is because the leadership of the National Assembly has something on her and this is being used to hand-twist her into doing their biddings.

“We have never had a Finance Minister so generous to the National Assembly, But it is not for nothing. The truth is we were able to dig up something unsavoury about her and our leaders are holding her by the jugular,” a senator was quoted to have told the newspaper. Two other senators made the same claims.

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What I am aware of is some of our people said they have an ammunition they can use to silence her. That has given way for the leadership (of the National Assembly) to intimidate her, knowing that they could get her out of her job if she doesn’t cooperate.

“Not everything is out in the public because every single one of us are beneficiaries of this situation,” he said. “But I can tell you the woman is being harassed and blackmailed into doing many things she would ordinarily not do. She is helpless in the hands of our people.”

These claims were however refused by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who said though the Minister has been generous to the 8th assembly, she is not being blackmailed.

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