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…Nigeria’s security system has failed

The President of the Senate, , on Monday evaluated the present security architecture of the nation and required an immediate restructuring to make a method for intervention from other tiers of federal .

Photo of Nigeria Senate President Ahmad Lawan

Lawan, in an interview with reporters in Abuja, likewise invited the current local and states efforts to take on the regrettable security obstacles in the nation.

He stated the Senate would summon the heads of the numerous security companies in the nation as quickly as plenary resumes today to exercise a practical plan that might effectively take on the hazard.

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Asked to mention his position on the local intervention by guvs to take on insecurity, Lawan stated it was an excellent concept.

He stated, “All hands need to be on deck. The Federal, states and city governments. More significantly, people need to be included. This is due to the fact that any place you see security improving, that indicates the people are playing their functions effectively.

“The onus lies mainly on federal . So, we are going to deal with the executive arm of federal in this regard.

“We would engage the security companies to learn why the security is degrading in lots of parts of the nation.

“We have actually had series of engagement prior to however the escalation now has made it necessary that we require a guaranteed position as a federal government due to the fact that we simply cannot play politics with security problems.

“Lives are at stake here. Therefore the Senate will take a position on how security in the nation should be. We think that the security architecture should be reorganized. The present system does not offer us the kind of result that we require.

“Whether it is the federal, state or city government; Even the conventional rulers or others, the most essential thing is to protect the lives and residential or commercial property of Nigerians and we would do that.

“The essential thing is to check out the concern of security that is bedeviling this nation.

“Apparently and clearly, all hands need to be on deck to make sure that we restore a much better security circumstance that we had in the past. Presently the story is bad. In lots of locations we have a lot taking place that is destabilising our neighborhoods and killing of people.

“We think that we owe Nigerians, the duty to step in and collaborate with the executive arm of federal government, really to collaborate with other tiers of federal government – the states and even the city governments.

“We should make sure that we alter the method we approach the security problems in this nation. Apparently the system has not been working effectively and successfully and we need to do something.

“This time around there should not be buck passing, we have to be forthright. We have to say it as it is and we have to do it as it is required”


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