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Welcome to Ejes Gist News. We understand that many applicants are eager to learn about the latest developments regarding the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans November 2021. As a result of the large number of questions we have received from applicants regarding the Loans, we have compiled a list of all the most recent developments regarding the NMFB Loans.


1.Nirsal Microfinance Bank Sends New Notice To Non-Interest Banking Window Beneficiaries

It has been brought to the attention of the Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) that a new notice has been issued to clarify the 25 percent mark-up on the loan facility that is intended to be repaid to the bank by beneficiaries under the Non-Interest Banking Window.

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According to the notice, which was posted on the NMFB’s official Instagram account, the reason for the 25 percent mark-up on the NIB Loan was clarified, and it was also stated that the loan is strictly for financing equipment/goods at a predetermined mark-up is strictly prohibited.


The non-interest banking window is available in accordance with the principles of the MURABAHA system of non-interest lending, which means that the loan is strictly for the purpose of financing equipment or goods; there is no provision for the release of cash under the Murabaha principle of non-interest lending, according to the bank.

Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans

2. Nirsal Microfinance Bank Raises Alarm On Fake Recruitment By Fraudsters

Nirsal Microfinance Bank has raised the alarm about fraudsters who are conducting bogus recruitment in their name, and has issued a warning to those who are responsible for the fraudulent activity.


A statement released on Monday by the management of Nirsal Microfinance Bank, in which they stated that some suspected fraudsters have been using their name to issue fictitious letters of employment in order to extort money from unsuspecting members of the public, was published on their official Instagram account.



They denounced the act and warned those who were involved to refrain from repeating it. Additionally, the NMFB stated that prospective employees will not be required to pay any fees, commissions, or make any other financial commitments.

Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans October 2021

3. NMFB Starts Shortlisting Applicants For The New Non-Interest Banking Window

If you are one of the applicants for the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Non-Interest Banking Window Loan, you will be pleased to know that the bank has begun shortlisting those who will be eligible to benefit from the loan.


On their official Instagram account, the National Microfinance Bank (NMFB) announced that the shortlisting of successful applicants for the Non-interest banking loan has begun, and that applicants have begun accepting their offers.

We strongly advise all applicants to begin checking their text messages immediately, as successful applicants will be notified via text message of the next step they must take to complete their Loan request.

Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans October 2021

That concludes the Latest News On Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loans November 2021; remember to share this article with others and to check back for updates on a regular basis. Thank you for reading.

Federal Government also encourage those whose loans are due to pay up.  To pay your Nirsal Microfinance Bank Loan. You have to visit the branch closed to you.
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