Ladies, Run From Any Man Who Wants you to Cook every day, Journalist Tope Delano

Run From Any Man Who Makes You Cook Everyday, Journalist Tope Delano

Nigerian journalist, Tope Delano who once revealed that she was raped twice, has declared that any man who requires his wife to cook fresh meals daily is evil, and such marriage will not last.

She buttressed her point with the story of a known Nigerian artiste, who made his wife cook fresh meals for him every day and how the marriage eventually packed up.

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“Nkpe brother yen so di cook, he beats her, cheats on her and reduced her to a mom of two who lived on antidepressants just to see each day through

“Dear ladies, any man who requires you to cook fresh meals every day is evil and wants nothing good for u if u meet such a man, run!” She said as she recounted the sad story of her bosom friend…

”I have this friend whom I visited a year after she got married, she married a known singer who has since faded into obscurity (babanla werey ni bobo yen).

”Anyday I visited, she was in the kitchen, cooking with a baby strapped to her back, they lived in Lekki…

A friendd soon blurted outhatht her husband only eats fresh meals. I was taken aback then confused cos ko ye mi. So I asked ‘S, like nkpyou u have to cook everyday lon so’ She said yes…in my head, mo ti kpe awon boys ko wa ba mi ba aye brother yen je’ I then asked, dyou u enjoy

“Cooking everyday.. she went ‘well, he has to eat’ O ri mi fo yo, ha, ni aye ta wa bayi’. I kept quiet and quietly picked my drink and left..min my head, I knew that marriage would soon end. Fast forward to 2017, I reconnected with her, marriage to end. Asides”

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