Kwara Govt gives reasons for demolition of Saraki’s ‘political home’ before dawn

Saraki's political home popularly known as “Ile Arúgbó” i


The Kwara State Government has actually provided reasons for the demolition of Saraki’s political house widely called “Ile Arúgbó” in Ilorin in the very early hrs of Thursday January 2, 2020.


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According to commissioner of interactions, Murtala Olanrewaju , the demolition started fairly very early to prevent ‘unnecessary’ demonstrations.

He likewise rejected cases of the state federal government getting a court order quiting the demolition as he attracted locals of the state to continue to be tranquil.

The statement checked out partly;

“The Kwara State Government very early today started the physical recovery of the story of land surrounding the public service facility in Ilorin.

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“The recovery workout started in the very early hrs of Thursday to prevent any type of unnecessary conflict. Attempts by somebodies to prompt federal government’s representatives on legal task were withstood by the security representatives that worked out the highest degree of restriction as well as expertise.

“Contrary to the insurance claim that the State Government was offered court documents on the issue, we mention that no court paper has actually been acted as at the time the federal government took actions to maintain what legally comes from the people.

“Finally, we prompt the people of the state to continue to be tranquil, calm, as well as be led just by truths of the issue as well as not be attracted right into a psychological outburst that is targeted at sidetracking the general public from the problems at risk.

“While the administration is focused on restoring sanity to the state after years of barefaced impunity, we will do so within the limit of the law.”



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