KIRIKIRI MAXIMUM PRISON: Nigerian Woman Share her experience


Tears follows as Nigerian woman share her experience.

A Nigerian woman took to social media to share her first prison experience even and she laments the large number of people remanded in the Kirikiri Maximum prison.

“So today I and my daughter joined a society(the Prison Apostolate) in my church to visit prisoners at Kirikiri medium prison. We got there and my daughter was denied entrance into the compound cos of her age. She was asked to sit in an office at the entrance and wait… No wahala! “While waiting to be searched before entering the compound, my eyes went to a board close to a counter.
The board had the number of inmates there. “Guess what! A total of 3,766 inmates, 290 convicted and 3,476 were awaiting trial. You say??? “I’m still here wondering why that number of inmates should be locked up in there and awaiting trial. Our judiciary system is a mess. I weep for my country walahi… “We were allowed into the compound and was led into the Catholic church. I sat down and felt bad for them… Gosh! I couldn’t look them in the eyes. My eyes began to water. “Our leader shared few words of encouragement and word of God with them.
Leader said shebi it’s Christmas season, oya let’s sing ‘Felix Navida’. We sang with their correct band and instruments. I got up with watery eyes again shaking hands with them, wishing them a Merry Christmas. “Watery eyes cleared when I looked around and saw how joyful these guys were. Come and see fine guys, chai! I even saw men older than my father “From Christmas songs to praises, you needed to see how these guys were dancing happily. Some even used shaku shaku and scattered everywhere. Me was just going round and dancing with them. I felt happy seeing them happy even in the midst of trial. I had fun with them and encouraged myself to be happy no matter what.

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“Finally, we rounded up with them and they stretched out hands and prayed for us. Kai watery eyes again We said our goodbyes and most of them thanked us and begged that we come again. “Time to present our little token to them and we couldn’t find some. These were things that were left with the warders at the gate o 20 bottles of Vojen disinfectant also disappeared and una say this country go better laidis. “Naija I hail thee…”


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