kidnapping School Children is Better Than Ransacking Towns, Killing Residents – Sheikh Gumi Defends Bandits on BBC Pidgin  

Sheikh Gumi, a well-known Islamic cleric, has stated that kidnapping schoolchildren is a lesser evil when compared to bandits ransacking towns and killing residents.

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While appearing on BBC Pidgin, the cleric who has been visiting bandits in the forest in an attempt to negotiate a peace deal with them revealed this.

When compared to the ransacking of towns and the killing of their residents, Gumi believes kidnapping schoolchildren is a lesser evil.

The cleric also claimed that his meetings were yielding positive results, claiming that bandits are now more cautious when it comes to human lives.

“Kidnapping children from school is a lesser evil because you can negotiate at the end of the day, and bandits are now very cautious about human lives,” he said.

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“Previously, a bandit’s mission was to enter a town, ransack it, and kill people. By this, I can say that our preaching is working, and that banditry in Zamfara and other states is, hopefully, coming to an end.

“Bandits are now more cautious with their lives and only want to carry out sensational attacks to draw attention to themselves.”

# kidnapping School Children is Better Than Ransacking Towns


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