Kenechukwu Okeke, diehard Buhari supporter who sued #ENDSARS protesters killed in Imo


, a diehard Buhari supporter, has been killed.


Mr. , a controversial human rights activist and a supporter of , was assassinated in Anambra State.

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Okeke was allegedly macheted by a group of seven assailants.

In the presence of his wife, Mrs. Blessing Odinakachi Okeke, and his little daughter, the controversial activist who had dragged numerous celebrities and media outlets, including CNN, to court for defaming and his administration, was slain in Nkpor, near Onitsha, Anambra State.

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Kenechukwu Okeke was slain by his tenant,” Okeke’s widow, who reported the charges to the , stated.

Kenechukwu Okeke
Late Kenechukwu Okeke


The tenant, Chiadiobi, was staying in our house, but when he packed out without notifying us and demanded to be reimbursed for two months’ rent, we told him he should have warned us,” the wife told our reporter.

“My husband was not present on the day he arrived, but I informed him that he had packed out of the house without our permission and should not be given any money back.” He threatened to take action against us, claiming that he would teach my husband a lesson. I called my husband and informed him of what the youngster said and that he should not confront him since he is a horrible boy, according to them.

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” After reporting the incident to the DSS and the police, he was forced to sign an undertaking, but he continued to threaten us.”He occasionally comes to our house, breaks through the gate, and enters to take whatever he wants.”

One day, he came to our house and confronted him, unaware that he had many boys with him downstairs, and before my husband could react, they macheted him, and the fuel we meant to pour into our generator was poured on him and lit him up, and that was how my husband died.

It was a Sunday, and hardly anyone was there, so the few people who were around helped to put out the fire and prevent it from spreading to our house, and later we carried him to an Enugu hospital, where he died.

Mrs. Okeke bemoaned the fact that her family has been left alone with the burden of caring for her husband’s funeral since his death in October, and that no reference or request by any organization to take up his case has been heard.

What’s more heartbreaking, she added, is that her husband’s killer, Chiadiobi, is still around, talking about dealing with Okeke and facing her husband’s elderly mother.

“He even contacted my husband’s mother lately, warning her that he had heard she was bringing the topic up, and that she should be careful. “The youngster is still at large, wandering around without guilt, and we are left to make burial preparations on our own.”

He has not been caught yet, even though we took him to the police and DSS and forced him to sign an assurance that he would not bother us again, but he has ultimately killed him. “I’m not even sure what the cops are saying about this. I’m puzzled. The youngster is acting invincible, and everyone is warning us that he is a nasty boy who should be avoided. We live in Nkpor, near Tarzan Junction in Onitsha. ”

When Ejes Gist News Correspondent contacted the Anambra State Police Command, DSP Toochukwu Ikenganyia, the command’s spokesperson, said that the police were aware of the situation.

It’s a reported case, but I can tell you right now that the situation is still murky. “Just give me a little time, and I’ll get back to you with all the details,” he said.

Okeke has been a vocal supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and is said to have applauded the federal ’s actions during the EndSARS demonstration in October 2020.

He had also taken other celebrities to court, including Davido, Flavour, and others, for leading anti-SARS protests around the country.

He recently sued Vanguard Newspapers and one of its writers over a March 9, 2021, article in which the paper stated that the self-proclaimed human rights crusader was a fake lawyer.



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