Kemi Adeosun

My attention has been drawn to the latest rumor or saga flying like Google spider bots all over social media with the aim of rubbishing the hard-earned reputation of our most outstanding and dynamic finance minister in the history of Nigeria. Though I am not in any position to rebuff such rumor, but as a concern Nigerian, I can’t just sit and let the media tarnish and rubbish her image. I don’t just know Why Nigerians, Nigerian print and online media becoming the enemy of this great Nation. What will they even gain from this rumor?

We know corruption is fighting back, just because she ask all Federal Ministries to submit their report, of which NNPC is the major deal.

To set the record straight, She doesn’t have to prove if her NYSC discharged certificate or exemption certificate is forged or original. It is the duty of the NYSC board to tell Nigerians that the NYSC discharged certificate being paraded by Kemi Adeosun is fake or original. It is very easy to prove it. If Nigerians or the Media are so desperate to know if she forged her discharged certificate, they should visit NYSC portal which can be accessed via pay the sum of N3, 000, and they will be given access, or they can compel NYSC board to, using a court order.

I want to use this medium to caution those spreading this fake rumor to disease from it cause it will bring no profit.

Finally, I urge the finance minister to go on with her normal duty and give deaf ear to the said rumor cause she isn’t the first, and she will not be the last in such rumor.

Omajemite Don
Writes from Warri, Delta State.

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