Karma will Soon Visit You, Agaga Caution Gov.Okowa.


Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi .
Sir ,

There is no economic recession when you want to waste billions of naria in paying your 2500 plus political appointees of sas, pas, commissioners, etc.

There is no economic recession when you want  to waste 163 billion naira on roads that Deltans are still searching for.

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There is no economic recession when you want to generously give billions to religious leaders and traditional rulers to buy their morally bankrupt conscience.

There is no economic recession when you want to waste Deltans money on your private family holidays to foreign countries.

There is no economic recession when you want to make money available to rig elections, bribe security agencies and INEC.

There is no economic recession when you want to award over price jobs to your many godfathers in Delta State.

Sir, there is always money available to compromise brown envelope journalists and their publishers.

But here is where there is always economic recession in Delta State :

When you cancelled free primary and secondary education for poor, ordinary and less privilege Deltans

When you cancelled free healthcare services and deliberately starve our hospitals and health centres of drugs and medical equipment

When you increased university, polytechnic and colleges of education school fees from 50%  to 300%

when you have deliberately owe local government workers and pensioners 10 to 14 months salaries


when you have turned DESOPADEC funds for oil producing communities into Agbor and Ika development fund

when you have refused to publish Delta State budget online and in major newspapers  because you are scared of being call to account for your oil stain hand .

Sir, it is a shame even the few substandard roads you inherited from your predecessors cannot be maintain.. Almost every road in Delta State has potholes as Christmas gifts for Deltans.

Sir, what does it profit a man if he steals a state budget for 2019 re-election and still loses that same election?

Sir, why are you stealing budget for development and jobs for rice, wrappers, oil, meat and 2k extra to bribe the economic raped voters?

Sir, even your corrupt predecessors were human enough to pay salaries, pensions, provide free education and free healthcare.

Sir, how can you be so heartless, cruel, wicked, inhuman,selfish, and evil to Deltans?

Sir, where is the prosperity you promised Deltans? Is the pot holes roads, drug less hospitals, costly education part of the prosperity?

Sir, do you even know that those who praise and worship you are your real enemies? I mean the sycophants, hangers on, crumbs eating political appointees, and paid e rats.

Sir, why stealing our money to pass as inheritance to your children, wife and concubines?

Sir, why stealing our money to buy properties outside Delta State?

Sir, stop punishing Deltans with your evil, snake and scorpion prosperity.

Sir, stop storing our money for your 2019 re-election rice, beans, oil, wrappers and bribe for opinion leaders, chiefs, kings, pastors, etc.


Sir, repent before karma visit your evil regime with its wrath of misery.

Signed:Liberation of Delta State: The Ogboru’s Phenomenon

Prince Christopher Akpojotor .


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