JUST IN: Terrorists Raid Military Checkpoint At Zuma Rock, Gun Down Soldiers

Breaking News in Nigeria today

Terrorist have Raided Military Checkpoint near Zuma Rock

On Thursday night in Niger State, Boko Haram Terrorist reportedly killed some troops as they raided a military checkpoint near Zuma Rock.

Along the Abuja-Kaduna highway, Zuba is just a few meters from the area near Madalla town.

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According to a source who spoke to Daily Trust, the assailants came at the scene a short while after 7 o’clock and started shooting.

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The Source stated, “They gained control of the area for almost 30 minutes and kept on firing before moving towards Kaduna axis of the road.”

Twenty minutes after the terrorists fled, soldiers from Zuma Barracks sprang into action and seized total command.

Police officers on a patrol unit also arrived at the location.

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The attack occurs in the midst of increased anxiety about potential terrorist strikes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Residents of Abuja have been worried about their security since the invasion of Kuje Prison in the nation’s capital on July 5.

In a terrorist-planned ambush on Sunday, troops serving with the Presidential Guards Brigade were slain.

Following a bandit attack in a nearby town, the administration of Federal Government College, Kwali, requested that parents remove their children from school 24 hours after the occurrence.

Schools in the nation’s capital were likewise to be closed, under orders from the FCTA authorities and the Ministry of Education.

Terrorists vowed to kidnap President Muhammadu Buhari, who presided over a security meeting earlier on Thursday.

The nation was in an “extremely tough situation,” national security adviser Babagana Monguno told newmen after the meeting.


The President, according to Monguno, is aware of the public’s worries about the rising level of insecurity. He also noted that Nigerians were weary and inclining toward self-help.

The President called today’s meeting as a follow-up to the one last week to discuss technical matters and the assignments made to the various security services.

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Following the briefing by the national security adviser, as is customary, the meeting discussed all of these topics.

Council decided that it was important to remind everyone that preventing this kind of asymmetric war requires a team effort. It shouldn’t be limited to just the security, intelligence, and law enforcement sectors.

Terrorist Raid Military Checkpoint

“Everyone must participate in this endeavor, which is what we mean when we repeatedly say whole of society approach, whole of government approach, and to have a whole of nation approach.

The fact that the enemy of the state is ingrained in the populace and wider society means that no country will ever be able to overcome the challenges of an asymmetric conflict.

It is accurate to say that the locals lack confidence, are afraid, apprehensive, and worried. That is comprehensible. It becomes quite difficult for the operational elements without their assistance or participation in terms of information sharing.

“Guards Brigade men were ambushed and wiped out a few days ago. We might have been able to prevent that incident if there had been a coordinated effort using simply bits and pieces of information.

That is the Today on Terrorist Raid Military Checkpoint At Zuma Rock, Gun Down Soldiers


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