The greatness of a leader are defined by the enormity of challenges that a leader is able to articulate solutions to, for the betterment of the people he lead. From folktale to ancient history , nature delibrately set on the shoulders of great leaders almost insurmountable problems to task their ingenuity and creativity for the upliftment of society.
President Muhammadu Buhari fit into the mold of global great leaders with special missions to change the society they find themselves. In1983 when the military truncated the democratic government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Muhammadu Buhari was only invited by the putschists to head the military government to enable it enjoy credibility and integrity, virtues abundantly associated with Muhammadu Buhari as a military officer.
On assuming the headship of that military government, he set out to tackle corruption and reset the governance of the country on a path of decency, accountability and growth.No doubt, the changes introduced by him came with pains as natural with every human curative process leading to healing and birth of a new being. Unfortunaly that goverment was shortlived as the corruptive cabal who formed the foundation of the coup organised a counter coup to excuse Muhammadu Buhari because they could not adjust themselves to accepting the transformative behavioural policies of Buhari which Nigerians had began to imbibe before that culture of civilised values was prematurely terminated.
The Ibrahim Babangida government which replaced Buhari came with alluring rhetoric that were unmatched by his policies which eventually laid the foundation of institutional rot and unaccountability to the governed.So from the Babangida era upto the Jonathan period ,it was a continuum of the same architecture of governance.Thus the economy and social values continually slided to a tipping point until nature saw it fit to bring President Muhammadu Buhari back into the saddle of goverment in the most unprecedented succession manner.
The ecomic rot and debt inherited by President Buhari was enough to spook a leader of average potentials but not with Buhari who took time to carry out a comprehensive study of the challenges before assembling the team that should assist him to implement his vision and policies to arrest the recession that loomed over the country.
President Buhari and his cabinet have been able to save the country from recession and lay the foundation of our agro industrialisation with diversification which is making the country to produce enough of our staples which before now were mainly imported at the expense of local production and its multiplier benefits. Leakages through which moneys were misappropriated and diverted into private pockets have been blocked .The huge revenues from all government agencies are now being ploughed to address the country’s infrastructural needs in the construction of roads in all the six geopolitical zones of the country, feeding of primary school pupils in pubic schools that previous government impervious to the needs of the less privileged refused to do in a period when crude oil, our sole export ,sold for more than 100 dollars per a barrel.
And simultaneously , the government is sustaining her empowerment programmes in N-Power and recruitment of new employees in the police , civil service etc.
The U S A which almost made our country a pariah has started robustly engaging with our country on account of the unsullied integrity of Presdent Buhari and his sincere crusade against corruption and terrorism. Yes, while acknowledging that there is still much to ve done to combat insecurity and corruption , the milestone recorded so far is what celebrating . For the first time in the history of our country , military personnel are being held to account for moneys that passed through them. So the psyche of special breed that the military arrogated to themselves is being punctured by this most courageous and fearless president. Some people might consider the above as too infinitesmal to celebrate, forgetting that transformative changes in a society begin with little,little and often ignored issues as the ones our president is tackling.
President Buhari by his June12 pronouncement and award of honours to the heroes of that injustice that birthed the democratic struggle responsible for the enthronement of democracy that we are all enjoying and celebrating, is a testament to the national outkook of the president and his commitment to the yearnings and sensibilities of Nigerians in his poise to build a new Nigeria where all citizens can lay equal claim to.
For the well thought out policies of this government to blossom to irreversible legacy that will earn this country as the leading nation of the black race, there is need for everybody who pride himself as a Nigerian on account of our awesome growth potentials to coalesce around him by voting for a second tenure which those who have converted our oil blocs as personal property decades are ganging up to thwart through folktales and propaganda. If you are a proponent of true federalism , embrace the structural changes of autonomy for state assemblies and judiciary as the beginning of that much coveted structure that could elude us if we fail to seize the opportunity provided by president Buhari to free us from bondage.Nigeria need at least one more 4year tenure of Buhari’s presidency.
Long live federal republic of Nigeria
Long live president Muhammadu Buhari

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga,

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