By : Billy Egbe

In Chinua Achebe’s all time masterpiece ‘Things Fall Apart’, believing that evil is a consequence of deliberate evil, Ogbuefi Ezedu wisely advised Okonkwo concerning Ikemefuna thus: “That boy calls you father. Do not bear a hand in his death.” Nevertheless, like Brutus in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” a conscienceless Okonkwo still drew the blood of his very own Ikemefuna – a boy who called him ‘father’.*

*By drawing his machete to kill Ikemefuna, ‘things ultimately fell apart’ for Okonkwo, as his otherwise heroic life ended in a suicide.*

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*As it was for Okonkwo, so shall it be for those who were directly or indirectly involved in the May 5, 2018 broad daylight gruesome murder of .*

*Oghoveta was our own Ikemefuna. He could never have imagined that one or some of his own kinsmen or party members would kill him. But that was his tragic end.*

*At the personal level, I feel a terrible sense of loss. Oghoveta called me “Leader”. He did it with unsolicited reverence, as it is not my style to demand such. He spoke with a softness reserved for a scarce few in our present ‘gra gra’ world. With these, it is difficult to understand why those who murdered him publicly did it. A crime so heinous. One which cries for immediate justice.*

*Even if we do nothing, “things will still fall apart’ for Oghoveta’s killers. But then something must be done.*

*Definitely, Oghoveta would have thought in his lifetime that some of his ‘leaders’ would fight for him if something untoward were to unjustly happen to even a strand of his hair. This is compelling enough for his said leaders to act in this matter.*

*So, let it be known that Oghoveta’s true leaders are activating the machinery of justice at the highest level to roll against his killers. Whoever is dreaming of compromising the case at the local level will soon be treated very very harshly. In the end, like Okonkwo, for all are involved, it will be ‘Things Fall Apart’ and anarchy will rule their world. May God have mercy on their souls.*



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