Jackie Aina candles Sòrò Sókè Saga, Twitter users react

Jackie Aina

The choice of name for Jackie Aina candles is causing massive reactions on various social media platforms. 

, a well-known YouTuber and influencer from Nigeria, released a line of candles in honour of her 35th birthday, sparking some debate on Twitter.

The candles are available in Sókè, No Wahala, Soft Life, and Spice of Life scents. Sr. Sókè candles are drawing a lot of unfavourable responses.

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This is due to the fact that Sr Sókè conjures up a gloomy period in the nation’s past. With the slogan “Sr Sókè,” which means to speak up or louder, young people demonstrated against police brutality during the End Sars protest in major cities and towns.

Numerous young people were detained by the police, and some may still be there.

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The End Sars protest has become a traumatic memory for many young people as a result of the Lekki massacre at the Lekki toll gate as well as other deaths.

Many people think that by referring to the candles as Sr. Sókè, Jackie Aina is demeaning the lives that were lost. Following are some tweets.

Hey @jackieaina. Please leave #Endsars and everything related to it out of your Nigerian cosplay. It’s beyond disrespectful to those we lost and those of us that spent two weeks under the sun protesting for our lives.

Thanks and remain blessed.

— Imoteda (@imoteda) August 5, 2022.

Jackie Aina candles

Photo of Jackie Aina

People died for a cause! One you didn’t even lend your voice and you’re using it to sell scented candle? Shame on you Jackie Aina @Forvrmood @jackieaina.

I remember people begging Jackie Aina (the owner of this brand) to please use her platform to talk about #Endsars yet she has the audacity to name a candle Sorosoke?? People died ffs TF???


Jackie Aina’s representation of Nigerian and Yoruba culture is just as fake as those white people she complains about. This giving annoying Wakanda and black panther vibes. There’s nothing Owambe about this.

Jackie Aina made a mistake by ignoring the word’s context and failing to take into account what it means to young people in Nigeria.


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