I’ve Done Something Shameful – Popular Singer, 9ice Begs Wife For Forgiveness Being Caught Cheating



9ice and wife

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Abolore Akande, the popular Nigerian singer who is more popularly known as 9ice, has been in the eye of the storm lately and has not come out to clear things up.

During the week, the singer became a topic of discussion on social media when a video of him fondling a lady that was not his wife surfaced online.

Another picture showing him naked also went viral.

Despite the scandalous picture and video, 9ice initially appeared unperturbed as he even asked fans to share the video of his new song as much as they had shared the lewd materials.

Posting the video of his new song, ‘Zaddy’, on Thursday, November 19, he added the caption, “Same way you’re promoting this scandal video, please promote my song. #zaddyzaddy. Thank you.”

However, he made a volte-face on Saturday, November 21, when he implored fans to beg his wife for his ‘shameful’ act.

He uploaded a video of himself pleading with fans to beg his wife for forgiveness and added the caption, “Save a sinking vessel.”

In the video, he said, “I have done something so shameful and terrible, and it is costing me my family.

“The most important thing to me right now is my family.

“That 9ice you always see and appreciate, it is because I have a backbone, Olasunkanmi Akande.

“This terrible thing I have done is costing me a whole lot. I apologise for what I have done and I need you guys to help me beg my wife. She is my backbone.

“That 9ice that you always see, that strives to bring out the best in our culture, it is because I have a backbone. I apologise for my wrongdoings and need you guys to help me beg my wife.

“I have excelled in many other things but one thing I have been failing at is my marriage. I want this marriage to work. Please, help me beg my wife. Save this marriage for me.

“Thank you so much. God bless you.”

However, the singer’s colleagues in the entertainment industry and fans were divided over his apology, as some commended him, while some berated him for his actions.

Actress, Mide Martins wrote, “God will intervene.”

Another actress, Olaitan Sugar added, “Please forgive and forget.”

Music producer, K Solo wrote, “You are a great woman and not just a wife. And we acknowledge; that is why this has to be done publicly. We apologise as friends of Abolore.”

Actor, Mustapha Solagbade added, “We are sorry. Please, forgive him.”

Kira Taiwo wrote, “I don’t even know what to say.”

Coco Banks added, “May I not marry a man that would embarrass me.”

On her part, Arike Joks wrote, “Uncle 9ice is being nice to her.”

Meanwhile, @Sistomeeh, added, “This 9ice is a disaster of a man. Marriage means nothing to him.”

@Craftbyleo wrote, “Men will embarrass you. She  is not even as beautiful as his wife.”

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