Ray Hushpuppi Latest News: is Hushpuppi Still Alive or Dead ? What Happened to Ramon Abass?

Hushpuppi Test Positive for Coronavirus

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The Nigerian media reported just a few hours ago that a well-known internet fraudster Ramon Abass, also known as Hushpuppi, is believed to have died

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Hushpuppi’s death was reported on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, after a Nigerian journalist, , sent a tweet that was misinterpreted as implying Hush puppi, who pleaded guilty and faces a 20-year prison sentence, has been dead.

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Who is Hushpuppi and What did He do ?

Hushpuppi, an Instagram sensation, became even more famous after the (FBI) released detailed documents detailing how Hushpuppi was working for Supercop, Abba Kyari.

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that while the investigation was underway, it was discovered that DCP had a relationship with Hushpuppi, which lasted until the latter was arrested, according to documents. According to the documents, while the investigation was ongoing, Hushpuppi allegedly took Kyari on an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai, (), where he was treated like a president from the moment he arrived at the airport.

Is Hushpuppi Still alive or alive: 

Hush puppi dead or alive as well as ,  Hush puppy Death, ? as of the time of filing this report, are the most popular searches in Nigerian cyberspace begging for answers?


With Twitter buzzing with news of Hushpuppi’s death, the question now is whether Hushpuppi is alive or dead. We can’t say for sure whether Hushpuppi is alive or dead because that isn’t the case.

Is : Hush Puppy Died? Here is the true story…

Hushpuppi’s death has not been reported, and Kemi Olunloyo did not tweet that Hushpuppi is indeed dead; instead, the controversial journalist only tweeted: “Your boy is dead oo… They won’t announce it yet,” which has since gone viral, with some new platforms (not including Ejes Gist Newspaper) quoting the phamarcist as saying Hush puppi is dead.

The name of the boy Kemi claimed was dead was not mentioned in this tweet, and his death had yet to be announced.

What happened to HushPuppi , Is Hushpuppi dead

Meanwhile, based on the most recent Ejes Gist newspaper findings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which released detailed documents detailing how Supercop, Abba Kyari, was working for Hushpuppi, has yet to issue a statement regarding Hush puppi’s death, as have the Dubai police who arrested him in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Kemi Olunloyo Cries Out ” I did not announce that

The controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has debunked the report, quoting her to have confirmed that Hushpuppi has died. She called on her followers to avoid those blogs that reported the fake news.
Kemi Olunloyo did not announce that Hushpuppi is DEAD in the US. Stop spreading #Fakenews. Avoid those blogs,” Olunloyo tweeted 11: 04 pm Nigerian time, Wednesday 23, 2022.

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Abba Kyari opens up on alleged bribe to arrest Hushpuppi's ally

In another News, Burna Boy, a popular Nigerian singer, is accused of publicly snubbing BBNaija star White money at an event.


The Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ winner and Burna Boy were spotted chilling at a club party on Sunday night at Monarch Events Centre, according to reports.


Whitemoney attempted to send a message to Burna Boy as he walked away from where he was standing, but the latter turned away and looked down.


Whitemoney had previously attempted to strike up a conversation with the Grammy Award winner, but was denied by the singer’s bodyguards for unknown reasons.

That is all the latest information on “Is Hushpuppi Dead Or Alive? What Really Happened to Ramon Abass?. Also Read Pastor Ezekiel Atang Cause of death, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, State



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