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Quite a number of people are of the opinion that Governor Okowa is a Master in the Science of Politics. However, I beg to differ with that notion. The truth of the matter is that he is not a very good Politician. Maybe a Machiavellian Political Actor whose excessive struggles in the game gives people the impression that he is a Master of Politics.

A Master of Politics could not have exhibited so much hatred and disregard for his Predecessor just because he didn’t support his gubernatorial bid. A good Politician does not struggle for recognition. It is totally absurd and surprising that even in Trade Unions as mundane as the DELTA STATE UNION OF TAILORS and DELTA STATE ASSOCIATION OF SHOE MAKERS, Okowa has his candidates fixed in the Leadership of the union. That’s too much of a Political struggle and that explains why Governance has failed completely in Delta State. You cannot be talking of Governance and Politics at the same time. It’s akin to serving two Masters.

And let me also add that, it was not incumbent upon Dr. Uduaghan to support Okowa in the build up to the 2015 gubernatorial election. Besides, three years later, Governor Okowa’s unacceptable style of administration and the retrogression of our socioeconomic status occasioned by gross macroeconomic mismanagement of our commonwealth are facts germane to Dr. Uduaghan’s stand against the ambition of Okowa in 2015.

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Be that as it may, if Governor Okowa was a good Politician, he ought to have known that he needed Dr. Uduaghan more than Dr. Uduaghan needed him and the PDP. I prefer showing my Political enemies respect instead of being vindictive just because he/she didn’t support my aspiration in previous times. If you have gotten into power, it is pedestrian to continue hate and disrespect people just because they did not support you to get into power. Former enemies are loyal than friends.

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They have more to prove. Okowa deposited his second term bid into the Political Mortuary the moment Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan signed up for APC. Don’t underestimate anyone who has held the office of Governor for two consecutive terms. Don’t!

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From the office of Distinguish Senator Ovie Omo-Agege


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