IPND Rejects the Invasion Of Chinese Doctors In Nigeria, Warns Okowa 

Ingenious people of Niger Delta IPND

The Indigenous People Of Niger Delta IPND has rejected the Invasion Of Chinese Doctors In Nigeria. The group in a press release made available to Ejes Gist Nigeria, signed by its President, Tiemo Pumokumo, plead with Government to look inward for the solution to cure Coronavirus.

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The statement thus read;


The Chairman of South-South Governors Forum: Governor Ifeanyi Okowa,
The Governors of Niger-Delta States,
The Minister of Niger Delta Affairs,
The Senate Representatives of Niger-Delta States,
The House of Representatives of Niger-Delta States,
Family Heads in Niger-Delta,
All those in the position of influence.

I greet you all!!!!


When my grandfather was alive, anytime the weather changes and things beyond his human comprehension begins to unfold; he stands up to consult the oracles. However, as I became a man, I do not remember to frequent the gods, so my son now asks the internet.
The danger is this: “ The gods are resident here with us.

Their graves are in our midst, and the cause of their deaths can be traced to their lifestyles when they were but men,” but we go to foreign lands that they have never tread to look for their footsteps.

Governor Okowa and the indigenous Governors of Niger-Delta states; please look inward for the salvation you sought from the sun is right here in your son.

Okowa, in this era, the evil that men do, die with them.

The Minister of Health of Nigeria has announced the importation of Chinese doctors to activate the prophetic deaths of forty thousand Nigerians except for the people of Niger-Delta.

Ise’! Though the world health organization has planned methods of birth control, especially for Africa for over a decade now, we have instead been taken aback by the Coronavirus. The gods of our land have been merciful to us and have not allowed us to be raped by soldiers or the coronavirus. We want to maintain this status.

On behalf of the Indigenous People of Niger-Delta, I want to inform you that we do not want the services of Chinese doctors. Only in America and the United Kingdom, Abike Dabiri can deliver to your doorsteps, over one thousand (1000) smart-Award winning genuine Nigerian doctors, We also have more qualified Doctors from Niger Delta in the diaspora who have been the strength of the health care overseas, Recall that chloroquine is from our ancestry. It is a gift of the gods.

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On this note, please be informed that the acceptance of Chinese doctors, which is the birth of forced population control in Nigeria, shall be greeted with hostility within the Niger-Delta regions.

Also, note that the Niger-Deltans need an uncontrolled population to win elections at the national level come 2023. Let those states that are overpopulated receive the Chinese doctors. We are jealous of our numbers.

If I go Google, I will borrow the words of Abraham Lincoln: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’
In likewise manner, Nigeria will never be destroyed from outside. If we lose our numbers to COVID-19, it is because our leaders chose to sacrifice their citizens”.

My grandmother would say this: “ When the fool speaks, the wise man listens.”

Peace is costly, but it is worth the expense!

Long Live, the South-South Governors,
Long live the Minister of Niger-Delta Affairs,
Long Live the Indigenous People of Nigeria Delta!

Did you just say the Minister of Health is also a legitimate son of SouthSouth? (Long Live Governor Obaseki as you put your house in order).

Love IPND Tiemo Pumokumo ————-!
Long Live, Niger-Delta!

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