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Ijaw youth group, know as Ijaw Youth Must Move forward, IYMMF has cautioned the Immediate Past Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC,  


In a statement signed by it’s National President, Comrade Navy T. Stephen, the group advised Nunieh to pull herself together and move on as to enable the Honorable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, Sen. Godswill Obot Akpabio and the members of the Interim Management Committee IMC led by Professor Pondi Kemebradikumo to concentrate on the task entrusted on them by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Recall that Nunieh, in a statement, said she refused to adhere to the demand of Godswill Akpabio, which eventually led to her sack.

She said, “I will just give you a brief as I will speak at the right time. Let me today tell the world why Akpabio sacked me because he has been pushing me to open up.

Akpabio wanted to compel me to swear to an oath of secrecy and loyalty in the presence of other two top NDDC male officials.

He tried to do that in about three consecutive times, and I looked at his face and bluntly told him no.

That the God I serve is bigger than his secret oath.

A secret oath to allow him to loot the money belonging to the people of Niger Delta. I refused to allow him to initiate me to a secret oath of secrecy and loyalty.”

Reacting to her allegations against, Akpabio, Stephen said, “I hope you are not trying to be part of the mishap makers?

This allegation is weighty, and we want to say she should put the past behind her and move forward as all this dust raising will not do her any kind, if truly as she rightly put it that she is an activist and believes in the Niger Delta course? She should give the commission the necessary assistance to succeed.

The angle she is taking this whole issue to affirmed she had taken side with those that are working tirelessly to make sure the mandate of His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari is not actualized.

As a group, We strongly advise that she should live above the pull him down syndrome, well it’s not surprising as the saying has it.

She should give the commission the necessary assistance to succeed, but I believe she is more than that.

“Nunieh added that Akpabio wanted her to use NDDC funds to sponsor his Presidential ambition in 2023, which she also refused. Saying that her only sins against Akpabio were her refusal to take an oath of secrecy, pay his phony Akwa Ibom contractors.

Nunieh also said she turned down, Akpabio request to sponsor his 2023 Presidential ambition with the wealth of the people of Niger Delta, which is meant to carry out developmental projects in the oil-bearing but suffering communities”.

According to Stephen, her assertion is quite disturbing and misleading as there was a time frame for the Interim Management Committee IMC under her watch as the Ag. MD. Which was for six (6) months, and if she was to continue to preside over the activities, her tenure was to elapsed by May 2020. And it was on this premisses that prompted Buhari to extend the mandate of the IMC late last month to December 2020.

It was also not too clear to us; she thought her tenure in office was for a four (4) year tenure.

2023 is still very far away, and she shouldn’t detract people with Presidential ambition and allow people to focus attention on the task at hand.

According to IYMMF, she was removed from the office as a result of the sharp practices she perpetuated within the commission.

IYMMF alleged she made payment of contracts without verification.

We want to use this medium to call on all well-meaning Sons and Daughters of the Niger Delta to throw their weights behind the Honorable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs and the IMC of the NDDC to work and reposition the Niger Delta for development, why is it so prevalent with the Niger, is NDDC the only Commission in Nigeria? I think we need to go to other regions and learn from them.

Let’s support the IMC of the NDDC to succeed and stop every act capable of drawing the commission and the region backward.


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