Igbo and Leaders Kick Against ’s Plot To Send 5000 Nationwide , 

Following news of the Miyetti Allah’s recent announcement of plans to form a vigilante group of around 5000 members across the country, Gani Iba Adams, a top leader and the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land, has reacted to the news, while also using the opportunity to send a strong message to the Federal Government, revealing what would happen if Miyetti Allah follows through with their plans. A number of prominent Yoruba and Igbo organisations have also spoken out against the recent plot.

In a recent interview, Adams urged the Federal Government to issue an order to the Fulani party, claiming that their threat to send around 5000 vigilante members across the country’s 36 states could lead to anarchy and violence.


Due to the high security threat in the area, many Yoruba farmers are unable to enter their farmlands again, according to Adams. This inability, according to Adams, has resulted in a famine in the region. Adams went on to criticise Miyetti Allah’s plan to form vigilante groups across the country, claiming that such a move would only serve to further destabilise the country.

While criticising the plot further, Adams wondered how Miyetti Allah came to be so strong that he needed to set up a security force around the states of the union when it wasn’t the army. He concluded by urging the FG to step in and interfere in the situation in order to avoid a collapse of law and order.

The Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) responded by claiming that the recent statements and acts by Fulani Herdsmen from Miyetti Allah in various states across Nigeria was part of a grand scheme to forcibly convert people’s lands. The Yoruba, according to the council’s Secretary, Dr. Kunle Olajide, will not sit by and watch as such a scheme comes to fruition.

The Igbo National Council (INC) issued a strong warning to Miyetti Allah over its plan to deploy 5000 vigilantes across the country, particularly in the southeast, while speaking on the same subject.

The group’s National President had sternly stated that Miyetti Allah’s declaration was the pinnacle of their excesses, and that the Igbo would no longer accept such acts or comments.

According to the INC, the news of Miyetti Allah’s recent plot enraged the party, which went on to alert the herdsmen not to carry out such a scheme, saying that any terrorist attack or action against Igbo land would no longer be tolerated.

The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) also urged international organisations and communities to pay attention to what is currently happening in Nigeria, especially in the east, and to provide potential solutions to the country’s problems. The group urged the FG to take steps to prevent situations like this from escalating into disorder and more civil unrest in the region. They cautioned that if Fulani terrorists’ excesses are not controlled, the FG might be held responsible.

What are your personal thoughts and opinions on the alleged plot by MACBAN to form a new nationwide vigilante party, as posed by various Yoruba and Igbo leaders? Do you believe such a group should be permitted to exist if its sole purpose is to strengthen the country’s security apparatus?

# Igbo and Yoruba Leaders Kick Against Miyetti Allah’s Plot To Send 5000 Fulani Vigilantes Nationwide


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