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ICPC Recruitment  Second Stage –The Independent Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offenses Commission (ICPC) has begun accepting applications for the test’s second stage.

Many applicants received a text message from the ICPC earlier on Friday inviting them to the second stage of the application process. The news that the ICPC was sending out messages to applicants has caused some applicants to become overwhelmed.

Applicants, but not all of them, received a text message inviting them to take the second test. You may recall that the Commission Applicants were subjected to a written test by the ICPC.


ICPC Recruitment Test Second Stage – Written Test

For all applicants who applied for the commission position, the first written test was given. According to the ICPC, there are only a few job openings for those who applied for the position of commissioner. As a result, it’s crucial to run a test to narrow down the pool of candidates for the limited job opening.

ICPC Second Stage – ICPC Second Test

All applicants who receive a test invitation will be required to take the ICPC Recruitment second test, which will be held across the country. The test was sent to applicants who had been notified that they would be participating in the second stage of the screening process.


ICPC Second Stage – Eligibility For Second ICPC Second Test

The performance of applicants in the first written test determines eligibility for the second. Applicants were subjected to a 12-minute screening process in which they were asked 25 questions. Applicants who received high marks would advance to the next stage of the screening process.

ICPC Recruitment

Those who received a score of less than 20 will not be invited to take the second stage test. It’s possible that any applicants with lower scores were given the test by mistake.

ICPC Second Stage – When Will The Second Stage Test Commence ?

The second stage of the test will begin on Monday, September 6th, and end on Tuesday, September 7th. Only those with scores of 20 or higher will be invited to take the second stage of the test..


The  Independent Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offenses Commission, ICPC, salary is above the minimum wage. With other benefits inline with the Public civil service act. They earn above ₦100,000 per month.

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