Shoot On Sight Anyone with AK-47, Buhari Tells Security Force

Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth but unfortunately, it has been bedevilled with a regional, economic and political crisis, we have been battling with the misfortune of religious, tribal, ethnic intolerance, The country is currently embroiled in protracted conflicts and undemystified security challenges ranging from Boko haram, banditry, kidnapping and state terrorism.

Comrade ESE Sanco

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Any honest man who has seen how Nigeria has steadily and systematically moved from a country filled with great potentials and opportunities to a country where lawlessness, nepotism inequalities, corruption and tribalism hold sway will key into the issue of renegotiating the basis of our collective existence as a people.

Our country is currently anchored on injustice in many ways, and that arrangement won’t last forever. We can take that to the bank, for, as Martin Luther King so elegantly put it, “the moral arm of the universe bends towards justice”.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria and all our countrymen and women should therefore take the increasingly potent agitations by various groups in Nigeria with the seriousness the matter deserves.

The Nigerian state must engage the agitations and address, and redress, their root causes that lie in decades of self-evident marginalization that several groups have experienced in post-civil war Nigeria. These hurt feelings and the suspicions they breed have not just hampered the progress of nation-building in Nigeria. They are creating the foundations of certain state failure if further mishandled, as the bonds that hold our country together in an imperfect union continue to fray.

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it is my utmost conviction that to create a more economically viable and politically functional country
Restructuring, in the form of political decentralization and a different economic model, is necessary, if not sufficient, for solving some of the country’s most vexing problems.

The killing of Nigerians across the country by blood testy demons of war is just a pointer to the urgency of why we must redefine and reconfigure the basis of our collective existence and emancipation as people.
As a people Nigerians have nothing to lose anymore, we have lost it all already but we just dont know it or we refuse to accept and admit it as a nation.

Our nation, Our freedom, Our pride, Our dignity, Our honour and our self-esteem all gone! The only that we have left to fear is fear itself and death. yet, as the bible says ” to die is Christ and to live is gain.

It is time for us to come together and decide to either bend or break, no person, group or ethnic nationality should be demonized for this. we are only postponing the evil days.

May God deliver us from the hands of the enemy of our nation.

My name is
Sanco Ese
Gods Pen of Intervention


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