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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home News in Nigeria Now I will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccines – Kogi gov, Yahaya Bello

I will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccines – Kogi gov, Yahaya Bello

I will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccines – Kogi gov, Yahaya Bello

Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has stated that he will not be taking the .

After receiving 3.92 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID19 Vaccines on Tuesday, March 2, Nigeria launched the COVID19 vaccination programme on Friday, March 5.

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Governor Bello, who has never hidden his disbelief in Nigeria’s COVID19 pandemic, has stated that he will not be receiving the vaccine. Governor Bello said in an interview with Channels TV on Friday, March 5:

“In Kogi State, COVID-19 is not our concern. In Kogi State, we are dealing with more pressing issues and concerns. We’ve dealt with insecurity and a variety of other issues. We met disunity on the ground and today, not COVID-19, we have united Kogi State.

COVID-19 is only a small part of what we treat or handle in Kogi State; there have been outbreaks of Lassa Fever and Yellow Fever, both of which were handled quietly.

We vaccinated our people against Yellow Fever during the last outbreak, encouraged them, educated them, and they felt the effects…

If the Federal Government is gracious enough to provide us with COVID-19 vaccines, we will also sensitise our people. Those who want to come and take can do so, but I will not subject the people of Kogi State to vaccines or vaccinations, nor will I make them guinea pigs.

Mr. President, you are the country’s leader. I hold him in such high regard; we all hold him in such high regard. We adore him, and he sets a good example for us. It’s a positive development if he needs to take the vaccine and does so.

As far as I’m concerned, the vaccine is unnecessary. There’s nothing wrong with me; I’m in perfect health. I am completely healthy… I’m not going to take any vaccines.” he stated



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