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I Will No Longer Grant

, the governor of Zamfara, says the state is no longer interested in engaging in dialogue with bandits, noting that they had previously rejected an olive branch extended to them.

Instead, he said in Gusau, security forces would drive them out of the state.

“My administration will no longer grant because they have refused to accept the peace initiative that was previously extended to them,” the governor said while speaking to a crowd.

He urged residents to be patient and support new security measures aimed at flushing out bandits and their accomplices and restoring peace in the state.

The governor stated that the security forces’ barrage of attacks on bandits had prompted them to make a new overture to the , requesting dialogue.

He claimed that the bandits’ emissaries informed him that they had repented and wanted to speak with the government.

He stated that some of the bandits were fleeing Zamfara to other states as a result of the state government’s new security measures.
“Politicians should fear God and stop buying motorcycles to distribute to people who, in turn, sell to bandits to perpetrate their evil acts,” Matawalle said, emphasising that “politicians should stop buying motorcycles to distribute to people who, in turn, sell to bandits to perpetrate their evil acts.”

The governor also stated that any politician caught in the act would be prosecuted by the Zamfara government.

According to the Nigerian News Agency, Zamfara had cut off the bandits’ access to food, petroleum products, and other essential commodities in their various camps.

Several vehicles were also set up by the government to transport food, drinks, and petroleum products to various bandit camps across the state.

The government previously announced that it had arrested over 100 people for violating Governor Matawalle’s Executive Order to restore law and order in the state.

Matawalle set up the Special Taskforce to put in place measures to address the state’s lingering security issues, such as mass kidnappings for ransom and cattle rustling.

The governor signed an Executive Order on Aug. 26 suspending all weekly markets in Zamfara and prohibiting bicycles and motorcycles from carrying more than one passenger, and tricycles from carrying more than three passengers.
“No bicycle, motorcycle, or tricycle shall ply any road or run within Zamfara State between 6.30 p.m. and 6 a.m., while the ban shall be between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Gusau metropolis,” the order stated.

“No firewood or charcoal shall be transported by bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle, car, articulated vehicle, lorry, truck, or any other vehicle by whatever name called from the bush to any part of Zamfara State.

“There shall be no transport of sheep or cows into or out of Zamfara State.

“The sale of petroleum products by fuel stations controlled by a village chief is prohibited.”

“Fuel stations shall not sell petroleum products to any customer in a jerry can or any other container.

“No fuel station shall sell more than five litres to motorcyclists, tricyclists, or any vehicle, and no more than 40 litres to any vehicle.”

“At Garejin Mailaina, Gusau, all shops, kiosks, containers, tents, and stands are hereby closed.”

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