I was spiritually attacked with arrows of pins- Chinwetalu Agu says

Chinwetalu Agu

I was spiritually attacked with arrows of pins- Chinwetalu Agu says

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that actor Chinmwetalu Agu claims he was spiritually attacked with pins, gunshots, and sea stones.

He claimed he needed to see a prophet who, through prayer, was able to remove the objects from his chest, shoulder, and neck.

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He stated the attack was an attempt to disable him and render him useless.

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He stated emphatically claiming that in his dreams, he kept seeing himself dead and buried.

Revelations of Chinwetalu Agu

“In fact, I was sleeping and saw myself five feet beneath the ground,” .

“Why I am attracting your attention this exact moment is to show you what is on this table,” the 66-year-old said in an Instagram video.

Different sorts of arrows We’ve got a cowry arrow, sea stones, and pins.

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They are now innumerable. This is a key, and the prophet who took it from my body was talking about it.

Chinwetalu Agu says he was attacked

And I wondered if they meant to block my heart by removing this key from my chest, my heart region. Because anyone without a functioning heart is no longer alive.

“Don’t forget about bullets.” All of this came from the area of my chest, shoulder, and neck. Some of the stones were brought specifically to kill this God’s child.

“We calculated that the enemy had dispatched all of these to assassinate me when we saw this mirror.”

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They then produced a mirror to demonstrate what was keeping Chinwetala alive.

“However, once you are with God, no one can harm you, no matter how formidable his weapons are.”

Chinwetalu Agu says he’s God’s Agent

I consider myself as a Lord’s agent, working to protect those I can from being slain by the enemy, just as God has protected me from being killed by these individuals.

I was actually sleeping, and I could see myself five feet below the ground.

“For this amazing act, glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Because of this miracle.”

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