“I Was Deeply Unhappy” Adesua Etomi Shares How She Struggled Through A Painful Time In Her Life

Adesua Etomi
Adesua Etomi

If there’s one phrase to describe , it should be ‘ball of happiness”. However, it appears that Mrs. Wellington has had her own share of life’s battles.
In a recent Instagram post, Adesua Etomi shared the dark times in her life and how she struggled to pray. During those times, everything seemed to go sideways including her relationships and career. However, through prayer and affirmations, she was able to get back on track.


According to her Instagram post, people hurt her deeply at the time. Unfortunately, the state of her career at that point also added to her unhappiness. Sharing on how unhappy she felt at the time, she said:

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People I loved were going through tough times, everything wasn’t going right. It became hard to pray. I’d stay in my house, in bed for days. I never talked about it. On so many occasions, I’d cry myself to sleep. I constantly wished I was someone else. I was deeply unhappy.

About how she was able to get through the dark times, Adesua Etomi continued:
Can’t remember how but I was finally able to start praying through it all. Started talking about it too. I fought every single day of my life. The life I knew was mine. I started to focus on what I did have and became more thankful. I started to speak positively about myself and my life – I started to laugh more and then I learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. One day I remember hearing ‘ it’ll all make sense someday

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