“I stand with you babana and we will always stand for truth” – Senator Elisha Abbo’s wife reacts, says her husband is innocent


Emily Eric, the wife of Nigeria’s youngest senator, Elisha Abbo, who was caught on digital camera assaulting a woman at a sex toy shop in Abuja, has supported her husband, as she says he’s innocent of all ‘allegations’.

Senator Elisha Abbo's wife

In a video which has since gone viral, Senator Abbo may be seen slapping a girl repeatedly earlier than asking an armed officer to take her away.

Senator Elisha Abbo's wife

In a put up which she shared on Facebook, Abbo’s wife, Emily Eric wrote;

“I stand with you babana
And we will always stand for reality
My husband is innocent of what are saying towards him” she wrote.

Senator Elisha Abbo's wife

The put up has since been deleted from her Facebook deal with.

Senator Elisha Abbo's wife




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