I removed my womb – Nigerian Journalist who exposed Nigeria’s struggle with codeine addiction speaks on her battle with breast cancer and fibroid


Ruona Meyer, the award successful Nigerian investigative journalist who acquired nominated for a world Emmy over her work which exposed codeine addiction within the nation has opened up on her battle with fibroid and breast cancer.

Meyer, who underwent a profitable therapy whereas learning on scholarship for her doctorate degree, mentioned she removed her womb over worry of carcinogenesis, a transfer which turned out to be much less necessary.

Ruona additionally disclosed that she was battling breast cancer the entire time she was investigating cough syrup addiction in Nigeria.

“A year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jan 5 to mid-June I had chemotherapy. July 10, I opted for a full mastectomy and declined implants. I’ve been in remission since July 18. To start this awareness thread, here’s me on my last day of chemo!” Meyer wrote.

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“I at all times had actually dangerous fibroids – inherited from Mum’s household, alongside with the slim determine. In 2015, I needed to have yet one more operation. The physician mentioned fibroids have been too huge, so he actually reached behind his desk & gave me a drug to scale back them.

So, in 2015, I needed to have yet one more operation. Doctor mentioned fibroids have been too huge, so he actually reached behind his desk and gave me a drug to scale back them. Name? Esmya. As the kid of a nurse, I instantly opened the packet. Side-effects? Rare danger of breast cancer.

“Me: Doctor, I don’t need this medication.

“Him: You’ve to scale back the fibroids or surgical procedure will finish in a hysterectomy, or higher dangers.

“Me: It doesn’t even take away fibroids! Am I to danger cancer simply to scale back fibroids? Egbami.

“Am I to pour acid on myself, to ease a sizzling water burn?

He requested if there’s breast cancer in my household. I mentioned no. Did a breast test with arms. He mentioned I had no dense tissue in my breast and should not fear. The danger is small, in comparison with the fibroids squishing my organs. Fam. Na so I enter one likelihood.

“I begin taking Esmya, and two weeks later…HAIR began rising on one nipple. Egbami. I stopped instantly. Told Oga Doctor. He mentioned if I did a minimum of eight weeks, it could actually assist scale back the fibroids. Said to proceed. I mentioned no. He mentioned my operation could be dangerous.

Me: If this could trigger furry nips in 2 weeks, I don’t wish to know what else it would do. Doc continued singing my operation could be dangerous. So I flip to OT Genasis and sing CUT IT!

“Me: Cut off the womb! Rather be womb-less than get cancer through fibroids! You want to chop itt

“That was why I had a hysterectomy, in 2015. Fam, 6 weeks later? I found a LUMP… in Miss Hairy Nipple breast. Ran again to Doctor Wayray and he mentioned oh no, it’s only a cyst. I was principally in and out this fool’s workplace for the following few years – he mentioned it was a cyst.

One time, he mentioned it was the tissue from the weightlifting I was doing at one level, so I stopped. Still, the lump was there. He insisted it was a cyst. By 2017, me and my undoubtedly precancerous lumps moved to Lagos, and started working there. Fam! All the time I was doing Ughelli low-price range Nancy Drew, investigating cough syrup? I had breast cancer. BREAST. CANCER. Jesu!!!! Till now, I shudder at it.

All the time I was saying “I am so sorry,” to my late elder cousin who was having a nasty response to chemo in Lagos? I was a cancer affected person myself. Mad oh! In reality. Stop studying this thread NOW and go test your self as a result of with cancer ehn…e match be you oooo!

“Soon I was at all times drained, and out of breath, with evening sweats. At some extent, my GP in Germany was testing me for allergy symptoms. When he noticed nothing, he mentioned you could strive and get a mammogram, as you say you’ve gotten a lump. Go to your Gyno and ask.

“I mentioned I already did, even needed to do non-public however Doctor Gyno Wayray refused refer me! My GP left me with “well you have to keep trying. Get a mammogram.” That man saved my life! I grew to become very aggressive in regards to the lump on function, as a result of even with bleeding, nonetheless no mamo!

So I went again and mentioned, give me a mammogram. He mentioned I was not but 40. I instructed him I wouldn’t depart. I was able to scatter the place, fam. To cease my shouting and disruptive behaviour, he gave me the mammogram referral. The mammogram lab technicians despatched me straight to biopsy.

“I was identified with Herceptin constructive DCIS cancer on 4 Dec 2019. I was extra relieved than scared at that precise second. Because it validated my anxiousness and signs. You are usually not a hypochondriac. You are usually not mad. You should be your personal advocate.

“Six days later, I misplaced my childhood bestie died. I wanted a grief therapist. On 5 January, similar day I was to maneuver to Leicester for my PhD, I was as an alternative beginning chemo. My oncologists have been going to be treating me as stage 4, primarily based on the time I had been exhibiting signs.

“In reality 6 months earlier, I was in the identical hospital with chest ache; that they had suspected a coronary heart assault however we now comprehend it was tumors urgent on my chest. Due to this girl’s video, I now know it is a check in left-sided tumours on in girls.

“Meanwhile, as per suspected stage 4, I needed to have a bone biopsy 2 hours earlier than I began chemo. Those days have been hell, however my medical doctors urged me to be sturdy – they may not cease therapy for checks, and vice versa. I agreed.

“When my EXTRA-SUPPORTIVE supervisors maintained that they have been retaining my PhD scholarship, I had a objective to try for. They handled me like they knew I was going to get by means of this. I continued to work, even shifted my chemo to permit my award travels, not the opposite approach spherical.

“Special shout out to Professor Price and Dr @richarddanbury, who’s on this pic with me March 25 – I was midway by means of with chemo. Because of you each, I was capable of see life away from physician appointments, needles and ache.

“I had Four tumours, and named them.

“Felicia” for the one my oncologist known as “a satellite” which was rising in direction of my neckline I REALLY needed the bitch gone. And different names J, T and C for some particularly evil creatures I encountered within the year 2017.

I would think about the EC chemo aka “Red Devil” was Rosé, getting them lifeless-drunk. By late January, Felicia was the primary one to vanish. My physician’s eyes watered as she mentioned Ruona, we can not discover it! Me, shaking my bumbum, that day, saying – bye, Felicia!! Stupid bitch.”



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