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Ella Mensah

Ella Mensah

Ella Mensah, the sexy Ghanaian actress, has spoken about what she prefers between love and money.

The actress has clearly outlined her order of preference when it comes to relationships. Mensah, a single mum of one says she values money more than sexual satisfaction or emotional feelings.

“For me, money comes before love and then comes sex! That is my preference,”
she told Inside Nollywood. Speaking on the secrets of her successful career as a script interpreter, the diva who recently took a break from acting to dabble into other enterprises reiterated that her curves and beautiful body didn’t bring her fame and fortune.

“My unique selling point is my brains. You see, as a beautiful and curvy woman, most people always assume I am where I am in life because of my body but no, it is actually because of my brains! I keep vital people in my life with my brains! And anyone close to me will tell you that. My intelligence is my selling point.

“The sexiest part of my body is my brain. When people get the chance to meet me and speak with me, they always end up falling for my brains,” she crooned.

The curvy actress cum entrepreneur also hinted she wouldn’t mind undergoing liposuction in the future.

“Yes I have plans for plastic surgery later in the future. As a mother who still wants more kids, yes I will do a few surgeries later but for now, I am enjoying my God giving natural body,”
she concluded.

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