I had miscarriages, not abortion, says lady who called off wedding

Called off wedding

Nigerian Lady has Called off wedding hours to ceremony

Helen Ozioma, the lady who called off her wedding to David Okike, has denied her estranged fiancé’s allegations that she aborted three pregnancies.

Following Ozioma’s allegation of physical assault against her fiancé, Ada Uburu, the latter took to Facebook on Friday to refute the allegations, accusing her of terminating the pregnancies on purpose.

He also accused her of repeatedly postponing their wedding before calling it off.

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In response, Ozioma denied the allegations, claiming that she miscarried twice rather than three times as Okike claimed, and that the miscarriages were caused by the battering he received at Okike’s hands.

She said doctors had to perform an emergency operation on her to remove the dead foetus from her womb, displaying a doctor’s report from the previous miscarriage.

“Even when I took in, I would tell him to give me even a month’s space before we had fun again so that I wouldn’t miscarry,” Ozioma said, “but he won’t.” Instead, he would drag it behind me and beat me.

“By beating me and not even having common self-control, he practically caused all of my miscarriages.”

“There was never an abortion; there were two miscarriages, and I have proof.”

“Please take a look at the scan result from Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki below. That was the pregnancy I miscarried last year as a result of his rage and violence, and he claims Teaching Hospital Abakaliki aborted his child without his consent.

“It will be recorded right there if the hospital has CCTV, because her eldest sister accompanied me to the hospital.”

Ozioma claimed that Okike refused to accompany him to the hospital for the procedure after she had a miscarriage, but that she later agreed to be accompanied by his elder sister.



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Ada Uburu and David Okeke Called off wedding
Ada Uburu , the lady who Called off wedding and David Okeke her supposed Husband

Why did she come with me instead of my ostensibly husband? ‘Babe, wait until next week,’ he kept saying, but next week never came.

“Women who have experienced miscarriages can attest to how painful and heartbreaking it is to know you are carrying nothing and still carrying it.”

“In my case, my fictitious husband kept putting things off. Even if he did not want to accompany me to the hospital, I pleaded with him to send his eldest sister, who is a nurse, with me. After all was said and done, he accepted.

“It was a miscarriage, and only God knows how much I suffered.”

Despite her fiancé’s alleged abuse, Ozioma said she was ready to go ahead with the wedding, but the death of late singer Osinachi Nwachukwu caused her to reconsider and call off the event.

off the wedding.

“At first, I didn’t have the courage to call off the wedding. My intention was that since I was already in this mess, if we eventually married and things continued to go wrong, we would go our separate ways if God so desired.

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“That’s why, at some point, I began fighting for a “court marriage,” which he agreed to do with me with the help of our church pastor and my alleged husband’s immediate elder sister.”

Her fiancé had beaten her up again the day Osinachi’s death was announced, she recalled.

“In order to protect me, his immediate elder sister pushed me into their own room and locked the door.”

“I wouldn’t expect them to be honest about whether or not their brother always beat me. My alleged husband is, after all, their only son and brother.”

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Called off wedding trending ……And here is what over 12,000 Nigerians are saying on her Timeline:

Gift Chizuba Duru:

I really appreciate the bold step you took.. Many can’t do this for title sake.
I will also advise that you report this issue to the appropriate authority.so that he can sign an undertaking never to lay his hands on you again.
Because this type of Man is out to destroy…Try as much as possible to watch your back and never look back my dear friend.
Love you

Nnamdi Ozoke
You are even stupid to have endured the beating for one year, when proper marriage rites have not taken place. Once a lady sees a sign that a man is a violent type during courtship, let her run away. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not to suffer. That is why the Bible says that he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtaineth favour from God. Same thing applies to men, because some ladies are violent in nature. So many good men out there are also suffering in the hands of their wives. But that one is not usually made a news for some reasons.

Engr Bright Akendayi

Good oh my dear we are tired of seeing rest in peace in our young lady picture please I believe everyone will learn from this nice decision my sister

Sally Sidi

We’re all so proud of you.

Nwankwo Favour Adaobi

I love you ❤ Hugs from here my sister I know is not easy. Thank you for taking bold step

Rose LA

I think sister Osinachi’s death is an eye opener to most abusive relationships especially in these so called churches. You deserve better. Be strong your husband will locate you.

Khristie Uka
I love your courage. A better husband will come, I mean the one will love you unconditionally and not a 👿👿👿👿

Portia Phiri from Zimbabwe
Yu are so strong , Domestic violence is never to be tolerated , A man s hand should be raised with love not to hurt
Yu are so brave …I support your decision.Very sorry my sister,
Hugs to you. Love from Zimbabwe.

Esther Osondu
Not all women can do this, this decision of yours is brave and highly respected… Your beloved will come into your garden, you’ll definitely meet a man who will love, respect, cherish you and so on… You’ve done well sis.

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