There is Hushpuppi Everywhere in Nigeria As Their Instagram Celebrity Is An Armed Robber

There is Hushpuppi Everywhere in Nigeria As Their Instagram Celebrity Is An Armed Robber


National and State Houses of Assemblies, Government Houses, judiciary are all filled with ” Hushpuppis.

Even the churches have been taken over by certified Yahoo boys ( Hushpupis) who are unashamed to showoff their Yahoo proceeds on social media..

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That man of COZA in Abuja leads the pack of renowned crooks whose tools are not laptops, I phones, but Bible.

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Is it the judiciary that supposed to handover long jail sentences to political Hushpuppis after stripping them of their loots? The judiciary is notorious for rewarding political Huspuppis with their loots after finding them not guilty of looting their States to the bones.

According to social media influencers and mainstream journalists, Huspuppi is an Instagram Celebrity and a well renowned businessman.. Still finding where his physical businesses are.

Little dollars, you will see journalists jumping all over themselves to package armed robbers and political thieves. Gone are those days where journalists shape the conscience of the masses.

These days, hunger, poverty, backlog of unpaid salaries have made most journalists and media houses to scrabble for PR jobs from political armed robbers, religious armed robbers, militant armed robbers, Yahoo boys armed robbers, etc.

If the average Nigerian youth sees a criminal like Hushpuppi as a celebrity, Yahoo Yahoo as a honest job, and political looting as thing to be admired and celebrated, it is because such youth have seen Nigerian television stations and journalists praising these criminals for their deceitful charity work.

If the Nigerian media has thrown more light on how the activities of every Hushpuppi( political, religious, internet) have send millions of their victims to depression, suicide, bankruptcy, insanity, dementia, and in most cases death. Then no upcoming youth will want to model his or her life after criminals.

Even the traditional institutions that disdain illicit wealth now bestow chieftaincy titles on international and local Hushpuppis.

Majority of the political criminals in Nigeria are double and triple chief.

Shall we talk about churches who deliberately ordain Hushpuppis as pastors and deacons, because of the money such churches want to make from such despicable characters? Pentecost churches take the lead in Yahoo boys and Yahoo politicians being rewarded with pastors and deacons, while the Orthodox churches top all when in comes to notorious drug pushers and human traffickers building big cathedrals for the Lord. Remind me of the God Father and Last Don Movie.

We have reached a stage in Nigeria where people no longer care about how Nigerians are seen by the outside world.

Who outside world EPP will be the reply of idiots who don’t know the damages their celebrated Hushpuppis are causing to Nigeria.

You could see Blacks being stereotype in America for everything bad in that country.. Single motherhood, neighborhood drug violence, drug abuse, crime, etc..every indices of negativity is associated with Black Americans.

Nigeria is already at that leveled of negativity all over world. Who is blame for crime , drug trafficking, prostitution , human trafficking, Yahoo in India, South Africa, Ghana, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe? It is Nigerians.

But you and I know Nigerians are learners when it comes to drugs ( Latin Americans are the kings), when it comes to prostitution ( Eastern Europe and Asia lead), when it comes to Yahoo ( Americans, Russians are kings), and when it comes to human trafficking and gangsters the Asians and Italians cum Iris follow in that order.

But Nigeria is the poster boy of crime and everything evil because our own thieves can’t hide from Instagram and Twitter.

Escobar, Guzman made trillions from drugs, but they were far away from the public eyes, because they know such publicity rub on every good Colombian and every good Mexican who live in America and Europe.

When you try to educate Nigerians who celebrate these criminals, you see these clowns accusing you of being envious, and a bad belle person. Just imagine the idiocy from slaves whose heads are wrapped in ignorance.

You celebrate Ibori, Tinubu, Buhari, Adams, and the other political Hushpuppis out there as if they are Einstein, Lincoln, Lee Kwan Yau, Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, Chinue Achebe, etc. You will be wondering why are these political criminals, aka, Hushpuppis , being celebrated by journalists , churches, mosques, kings, etc. Maybe they are celebrated for increasing poverty, for creating militants and Boko Haram, for denying health and education quality budgets to function, etc.

We must stop this celebration of criminals of all colour’s madness if we want the international community to see us as people who value their lives, their passports, their culture, etc.

We must start treating people who bring disgrace and shame to our family, community, country with contempt.

Let’s drive these criminals to repentance by avoiding their gatherings, by stop defending them, by giving excuses for their crime, by stop seeing them as role models, and by glorifying their crimes.

Let start celebrating our doctors, engineers, writers, economists who are making positive wave in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Let the church go back to her godfearing past; let parents start inculcating good values and morals on their children; and let you and I stop admiring criminals whose days of disgrace, shame, and prison are number.

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