Npower Work Nation

This article has been specifically crafted to guide you on how to write the Npower Work Nation Assessment Test.

NASIMS management has said that the Work Nation eligibility test will enable Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries to be able to access the Npower Exit Package.

Npower Work Nation

Why you should take the Work Nation Assessment Test

The Work Nation eligibility test as stated by NASIMS management is a mandatory requirement for Npower Batch C1 beneficiaries to receive their August stipend.

Work Nation

How to write the Npower Work Nation eligibility test?

Writing the text is very easy and simple as ABCD. To write the Npower Work Nation Assessment Test as a beneficiary, you are to:

  • Visit the NASIMS login ( portal and log in to your dashboard.
  • When the pop message appears on your dashboard, it means you are now eligible for the assessment test. But when the message doesn’t appear, it means you are not qualified yet.
  • Click on the link button on the message titled ” Proceed To Test”  or You can decide to take the test later… Keep in mind that you are entitled to one test. Make sure you have good network connectivity before clicking Proceed.
  • After taking the test, click submit and your result will be displayed on your dashboard.

Whether you pass or not, so long as you have taken the assignment test, you are now eligible for your August stipend payment.

However, those who failed might not be eligible for the Npower exit package.
So you should take the text very seriously so you can qualify for the Npower exit package.

That is all for the How to Write the Npower Work Nation Assessment Test. If you are facing any issues or want to ask any questions, please use the comment section below.

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  1. Good morning sir my name is Ndianabasi, my own is still showing you have not been selected yet’.. please what is the problem?

  2. Good morning,
    My name is Edaferioka Oghenekparobo
    If I click to take the test it will write login to work nation account which brings up create an account if you don’t have an account before,
    Enter your mail and password
    And if I input my npower mail and password,
    I will write invalid email and password
    And when I click to reset password, I will show me invalid account.

    What do I do please because it has been like this for long

  3. Good morning sir
    I have been trying to access my assessment but when I click on proceed to test, nothing is coming up. I have used mtn and glo network several times and not opening till now.
    What should I do sir?
    Thank you

  4. Good morning. Pls I completed the worknation test, but In The selection of career path I selected both six Instead of 3, so now how I can cancel the 3 and attend the 3?
    I will be happy if you helped me solve this issue.
    Thank you

  5. Good morning sir,im Musa Amina Abdullahi was never a beneficiary after every thing I did loading my document and now am been sent a work nation message when I didn’t receive any stipend at all at all or even partake in it and I did the test please are the work nation going to consider me?

  6. Good day, please I want to know why my dashboard is not displaying my overall score?I took three test and i scored 60,86 and 33 respectively but my overall score is not displayed.

  7. Calvery greetings to you sir /ma, ma I have bin finding it so difficult to long in my page, the culum of other name is not responding , that is were am having challeges to long in ma, Ma /Sir pls kindly help me out so that I can long in & write my text. Thanks, This is my full name, Idjedje believe omavowan.

  8. Can someone write the test twice? I wrote quality test I scored 44 and customer care test 33. What happens to we that have low scores ?

  9. Hi, after i took the test it takes me to “skill proficiency level” and it’s saying i am not authorized. What should i do?

  10. Hello, I clicked on proceed to test and it opened directly to worknation for me to create an account before skills test.. No questionaire or quality assurance test. My friend clicked same button and his personal on Nasims appeared for confirmation before taking tests that led to worknation website for final test. Mine was not never like that as I had to create account on Worknation before test.

  11. Goodday sir, My dashboard is showing proceed to test when I clicked on it no test question to answer, when I continue it saying the name should be in letters,d names are letters not number,later incorrect password and email I don’t understand

  12. Good evening,I already register but I only remain for me to enter my otp the network was not good I was unable to enter the otp after that am trying to login is not doing what can I do in other to log in

  13. After clicking “Proceed to take test” it loads for a while and stops. Nothing else comes up. I have a strong wifi connection, yet it’s not opening..

  14. I wrote the test and it was 2 face. The first was about quality assurance test and i scored 68, and the second one which i choose customer care was 33 and it was more of personal questions. Please can you explain what it means? Thanks

  15. Good morning to you all,I have completed and successful write my npower exit package test,I have score 80%, the question comes under project management,but I’m yet to be selected.

  16. Please, I saw the message of undertaking a test in my dashboard but I tried to login, and then, they requested for my email address and password, then I type in my details and the next thing I saw was; throttler exception: too many request and if I continue clicking on login, they will send me; email or password not correct! I don’t understand, I am totally confused. Although at first when I opened the site it was going. They requested for some credentials which I wasn’t with at that particular time! I decided to go to cyber to take new passport and register it there, behold! It was not going, and I have been trying it since but it’s not going. Is it that I need to open new email or what. I don’t understand! Help me out please.

  17. Am jumoke I saw the pop up on my dashboard but I was unable to upload my documents and I just registered hope there is no problem with that.

  18. Morning to you all, my npower login details is no longer opening it shows fetch credentials and how can i take the work nationtest?

  19. Please sir, what is the meaning of you have not been selected yes that is in the eligibility status? Does it mean i can not do the test?

  20. I was answering the questions when my phone switched off, and I was asked to login my email and password before I can access it again, pls what should I do???

  21. Good evening. My name is Imonna. Immediately I logged into my dashboard, the work nation congratulations message popped up. I then clicked on proceed to test, it then took me to my personal information and under my personal information, there’s upload your credentials. Like 1. Your international passport, or driver’s license or NIN card.
    2. Passport photo not older than 3 months
    3. Other relevant documents.

    Under it, you have submit.

    What do you think I should do?

  22. Sir, I was never a beneficiary after every thing I did both the exams and loading my document and now am been sent a work nation message when I didn’t receive any stipend at all at all or even partake in it

  23. Congratulations message pop in as I login to my dashboard immediately I click on proceed test.. it go straight to my dashboard without me doing the test … What might be the cause… National work didn’t appear in my dashboard till now.

  24. Good morning team. I am Alphonsus Nnabuike. There’s nothing like Work Nation in my dashboard. My August stipend is still on processing mode for days now.

  25. Good morning, My name is Ayodele Esther. Please My august payment has disappear from my dashboard and also the work nation test is not also in my dashboard, I don’t know why.

  26. Good Morning, my Name is Williams Happiness, please I want to know why Nation Work message not on my dashboard too, and why my August payment is completely wipe out from my dashboard!?


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