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Here is the simple Guides on How To Print New NIN Slip For Free . This post covers the following Questions often asked that are related to NIMC.

Nigerians who have registered for a National Identity Card can use the NIMC Mobile App to print their NIN cards, according to the National Identity Card Management Commission (NIMC).

THIS post will show you how to print NIMC slips online . Also see how to apply for a National ID Card online (NIMC Online Enrolment). using your mobile phone. 

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The newly released NIMC mobile app is easy to use and allows you to print NIN slips online. As a result, you won’t need to go to a NIMC office to print the improved NIMC Slip. What you’ll need is an android cell phone and access to the internet.

Follow the steps below if you have applied for a National Identification Number (NIN) but have yet to receive your NIMC slip, or if you have lost your NIMC slip and are unable to obtain a replacement due to the high volume of of people in NIMC centres across the country.

How do I print a NIMC slip from the online ( How to print new NIN slip online ) 

1) Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the NIMC MWS App.

2) Open the mobile app and log in.

3) After logging in successfully, go to the “I need a pin” section and click on it.

4) On the NIMC web portal, you’ll find your userID and OTP for logging into your dashboard.

5) Once you’ve successfully logged into the web portal.

6) To download your NIN Slip, go to “Print Improved NIN Slip” and click on it.

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