How to Overcome Any of Your Bad Habits

Bad habits


We all have bad habits. We might call them nervous ticks. Sometimes we do them unconsciously either when we’re concentrating hard or when we’re absent-minded. Some of us are permanently stuck on a habit. The sad truth is most of us don’t even identify our tick as a bad habit until someone gets irritated enough to call our attention to it.

So how do we control them, how do we stop you from losing that job because you couldn’t sit still in the waiting room and kept biting your nails or losing that new squeeze you just met because you couldn’t stop picking your nose.

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Well, we have a few tested and trusted ideas that will help you kick those bad habits:

Identify the habit and find the cause

There’s no smoke without fire. So maybe take a moment to dig deep and ask yourself some questions. You’ll tend to start noticing a pattern after that. Most habits start at childhood and are strengthened in the teenage years. Different habits are triggered by different situations. Finding out the root of a habit is vital to helping break it.

Understand your triggers

Know when you’re most likely to fall back into a habit and figure out exactly how it starts. take note of patterns that trigger your habits. Like stress, fear, anxiety and such. Once you’ve identified your triggers, try to avoid them.

Find an alternative good habit
You need to figure out something good that you can enjoy doing in place of the bad habit you’re trying to kick. this might be chewing a gum instead of eating that extra chicken. You can replace picking pimples with just washing your faces every time you feel like picking.

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Make a plan, and adjust it as you go

Your plans are not set in stone and along the line you might realize its not working for you anymore or it needs to be adjusted a bit to better help you. That’s fine. Make a plan that works for you and then change it or make adjustments as you go along.

Make short term goals

As much as you want to prove to yourself that you can do anything, it is easier to achieve specific short term goals that add up to a final goal as opposed to long term general goals. So don’t just say “I will stop smoking.” Start with “For the next 2 weeks I will smoke just 3 sticks of cigarette per day as opposed to 7.” Short term goals that grow helps you keep track of your progress and motivates you to continue.

A bad habit is not going to go away in a day or a week or even a month. It takes 66 days to form a habit so it will take some time to even begin to kick it. You also need to have it in mind that a habit is an addiction of sorts, so if you get too comfy it will come back. Don’t let it back in. Stay woke.

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