How To Get 12.9Gb On Glo Oga SIM For A Month


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For Glo users, the Glo Oga SIM offers some of the most affordable data plans you can get at the moment. With this offer, you will get 125% percent bonus on all data purchase.


This means, if you buy N500 worth of data plan, you will get 1.8GB instead of the standard 800MB.


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N1000 will give you 3.6GB instead of 1.6GB,


N2000 will give you 8.26GB instead of 3.65GB and N2,500 will give you 12.9GB instead of 5.75GB.


How to be Eligible for the Glo Oga SIM Offer >>

Buy and register a new Glo SIM from any Glo experience center or outlet. OR >> Get any old Glo SIM that you have never subscribed on before or any Glo SIM whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago.


How to Activate


the Glo Oga Data Plan Offer Subscribing for the Glo Oga data plan is still the same procedure as subscribing for your regular Glo data plan. >> Dial 777# and select the data plan you want to subscribe for. >> You will receive he regular data as well as the extra data in a different SMS. How to Check your Glo Oga Data Balance >> To check your data balance, dial *1270#



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