How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria


How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria 

A home is gotten everytime you seek for comfort based in your fantasy, nevertheless a shelter is a necessity, and a setting up turns right into a shelter when it can most likely cease rain,water,photo voltaic, sturdy wind and completely different climatic elements from affecting the occupants- human,animal, dwelling and ineffective plenty with non-public outcomes.

As far as I’m concerned the second you have received your roof positioned on a setting up, completely different points are very important nevertheless they’re principally needs. You can’t switch proper into a house with out a roof , nevertheless now we have now seen people dwelling in a house with no window or makeshifts house home windows lined with uncommon baggage and cardboards.So it’s vitally very important to calculate the dimension of the true dimension of a roof members. These dimensions are necessary to search out out the proper span of Rafter, Wall plate, Tie beam, King Post, Overhang, Purlins, fan struts and so forth.

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Residential timber-framing improvement clearly differentiate between spacing and span Spacing the centre-to-centre distance between structural members, besides in another case indicated.

How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria

Span the face-to-face distance between components capable of giving full assist to structural members or assemblies. In particular, rafter spans are measured because the house between components of assist alongside the dimensions of the rafter and by no means as a result of the horizontal projection of this distance.

Single span the span of a member supported at or shut to every ends with no intermediate helps.

Continuous span the time interval utilized to members supported at or shut to every ends and at quite a few intermediate components such that no span is bigger than twice one different.

Span/dimension calculation for roof members.

As could possibly be seen the span of the rafter in the decide beneath is simply not pretty in settlement with the Code nevertheless we’re going to use the figures for the rafter span as calculated beneath.

Wood/ timber are sawn into quite a few sizes amongst are

2” by 2” i.e 50mm by 50mm

2” by 3” i.e 50mm by 75mm

2” by 4” i.e 50mm by 100mm

2” by 6” i.e 50mm by 150mm

3” by 4” i.e 75mm by 100mm

3” by 6” i.e 75mm by 150mm

How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria

How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria



From the picture above you presumably can see the height of the roof of setting up and the dimensions and breadth of setting up is already confirmed in the bottom plan, so left to be recognized is the rafter or the autumn ‘x’ as confirmed in diagram above.

Remember the Pythagoras theorem in secondary faculty days used in calculating the longest part of a correct angle triangle.

The numbers of picket to be calculated moreover depends on spacing for the goal of this practice, we’re using the format in diagram above as our specs for our calculations.

For ceiling noggins of 600mm amenities it merely means the picket are nailed 600mm apart, so add the breadth of plan and 600mm as overhangs both facet i.e 7,800mm or 7.8m +1200mm or 1-2m=9meters

Then divide by 0.6m=15pcs of 16.975m of fifty by 50.

For the longitudinal portion, 16.975+1.2m(the overhangs of 0.6m both facet)=18.175m then divide by 0.6=31 pcs of 9m of two” by 2” ( Note how the dimensions on one side is used to calculate the objects/numbers of picket required for the dimensions of the alternative side)

So to know the number of 2 by 2 to buy in {the marketplace} for the ceiling noggins-

18.175m x 15pcs=273m of two” by 2”

9m x 31pcs=279m of two” by 2”


In the market, the picket comes in 3.6m per piece

So 552/3.6=153 pcs of two” by 2” timber to buy in {the marketplace} for ceiling noggins.

WALL PLATE is the timber/picket which could be positioned on excessive of blocks or roof beams as a result of the case may apply, so for the quickest method to calculate this, is in order so as to add your full partitions dimension and divide by 3.6m to know the numbers of things you need. I’m using roughly 100m.

So for 100m, divide by 3.6=28pcs of three” by 4” or 75mm by 100mm to purchase in {the marketplace} for timber named wall plate.

For FACIAL BOARD, bear in thoughts the dimensions and breadth of the plan of the setting up with its overhangs of 0.6m every, so add the perimeter


Divide 54m by 3.6m=15pcs of 1” by 12”

For TIE BEAM, going by the half, it was actually useful that we lay the timber named tie beam which is 2” by 6” or 100mm by 150mm at 1.2m amenities apart. So what now we have to do is to look at the equivalent format used in calculating the ceiling noggins nevertheless it will span solely the breadth of seven.8m solely.

So divide 18.175m by 1.2m amenities (spacing)

=15pcs of seven.8m =117m, then divide by 3.6m to know the numbers to buy/purchase in market.

117/3.6=32pcs of two by 6 of picket termed as tie beam to buy in the market.

STRUTS are a bit superior to calculate, they’re the members positioned diagonally as confirmed in diagram to attach the rafter with tie beams. We can use the numbers of tie beams and multiply by 2-

i.e 32 pcs multiply by 2=64 pcs of three by 4 or 75mm by 100mm termed as struts to be bought in the market.

For RAFTER, confirm the height of roof and the breadth of plan to search out out the rafter which is the falling portion of the roof (apart from is already given from the half)

Lets take the height of the roof as 3.5m and the breadth of plan plus overhang is 9m.


With the diagram above making use of Pythagoras theorem

X2 (rafter dimension )=4.52+3.52


Rafters are nailed side by side tie beam and struts. So we use the numbers of things of tie beams because of they’re moreover spaced at 1.2m center to center and multiply by 5.7m

15 pcs of rafter (related as tie beam) multiply by 5.7 =85.5m

Now divide by 3.6m to know the numbers of three” by 4” to purchase in market=24 pcs of three” by 4” required for rafters.

PURLINS are the picket of two” by 2” or 50mm by 50mm we nail the roofing sheets on.

Purlins are spaced based on designs or kind of roofing sheets. But for our calculations, we’re using 900mm spacings.

Going by diagram above add 5.7m +5.7m for both facet=11.4m

Divide 11.4m by 0.9m to know the numbers required =13 pcs of purlins of dimension 18.175m (The purlins has to span the dimensions of the setting up which is 16.975 plus 1.2m for the overhangs by sides)

So 13 by 18.175m=236m

Now divide by 3.6m to know the numbers requires to purchase in market =236/3.6

=66 objects of two” by 2” to purchase in market for the purlins.

KINGPOST is that piece of picket that stands on the middle of two rafters falling on the opposing sides. Is the one which spans vertically from the tie beam/rafter line, so merely the equivalent means we calculated for rafter, bear in thoughts 15 objects and multiply by the height of the roof 3.5m=52.5m

Then divide by 3.6m to know the numbers to buy in the market.

Therefore 15 objects of picket of two″ by 6″ termed kingpost is required to be bought in the market.

# How To Calculate Hardwood Needed For Your House Roofing in Nigeria

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