How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen

if your phone is stolen   

It’s aggravating to lose or have your phone and wallet stolen, especially if your phone number is linked to your bank account. The first step is to lock your bank account to prevent unauthorised individuals from withdrawing funds or gaining access to your bank account and personal information.

Therefore it is very important to know how to block bank account instantly.

How to block your bank account, SIM card

The first step is to contact your mobile network provider’s customer service and request that your line be blocked. If the banks are open, go to them right away and resolve your issues with them. If not, or if your bank’s branch is closed, call Customer Service and provide your bank account information. Then go to your online banking account and disable your ATM.

You can also use any available phone to dial the bank code and follow the instructions.

You can block your bank account from debit transactions with a mobile phone if your phone or ATM card is stolen, or if you suspect fraudsters are tampering with your account.

How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen 

Simply dial the bank code on your phone to accomplish this. You will be asked to type in your account number and name right away. Any debit transaction on your account will be blocked automatically.

To block an account, some banks require you to call customer service, while others may require you to use a USSD code.

Below are some bank codes or USSD codes to use to block your bank account.

  1. First Bank: Send “BLOCK” to 30012 via a text message
  2. Zenith Bank:  #966*911#
  3. GTBank: *737*51*10#
  4. Union Bank: text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123
  5. UBA: Dial *919*10#
  6. Fidelity Bank: Dial *770911#
  7. Keystone Bank: Call 23470020003000
  8. Sterling Bank: Call 070078378464
  9. Ecobank: Send “STOP” ATM your account Number to 0806326226
  10. FCMB: Call + 2342798800
  11. Access Bank: Call +23412802500
  12. Wema Bank: Call 08039003700
  13. Polaris Bank Call +2341270850
  14. IBTC: Dial *909#

How to block your SIM card

Use of IMEI

The phone’s identification number is called the IMEI. The phone settings packet contains the IMEI number.


How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen 

If your phone has been stolen, the first thing you should do is report it to your local police station. Then go to your service provider with the police report and your ID card. Your phone and SIM card will be blocked by your service provider.

How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen

How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen, Social Engineering: The Mindset Of A Cyber Criminal

You can also block the phone and SIM card if you forget the phone’s IMEI number. All you have to do is contact your service provider and request that your line be blocked. In that case, you’ll need to show your ID and answer a few questions to prove that you’re the rightful owner of the phone.

Thanks for reading How to block your bank account if your phone is stolen . Also read  GT Bank USSD CODE For Money Transfer & Dial *737#

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