How Oyegun Perfects his Plans to Come back as APC National Chairman.

Chief John Odigie Oyegun
Chief John Odigie Oyegun

Asaba: The embattled National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief has finally set the ball rolling for his comeback.

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Chief Oyegun who was reported to have given up on the race for the National Chairmanship of the APC, has suddenly reawakened his aspiration to continue in the race.

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A close associated of the National Chairman who pleaded anonymity, to our reporter, he sees this suddenly energetic move by Chief Oyegun as a serious issue that is detrimental to the collective interest of the party.

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According to him, Chief Oyegun’s conduct and activities throughout his tenure mad him to loose his popularity among party faithful across board. Now nobody is ready or willing to lend his any support for a second tenure.

It would be recalled that it was Oyegun’s strange political antics maneuvering that led Saraki becoming the Senate President against the popular choice of the party. And this strange activity led to a record breaking history of an opposition party producing the Deputy Senate President.

This shocking development in the NASS caused serious disaffection among leaders and member of the party across the country, due to Oyegun’s inefficiency or perhaps, his well orchestrated plans, the situation degenerated to a major crack in the structure of the party across the country which of course is what we see playing out today in the party.

It would also be recalled that, it was this same Chief Oyegun who in connivance with Chief Otega Emerhor and Chief Cyril Ogodo,the Deputy State Chairman of APC Delta State, forged the death certificate of Hon. Chris Anirah, an APC House o Representatives Candidate from Delta State and declared him dead, while alive, just to substitute his name with a higher bidder, a thing that was unheard of in the sixteen years (16yrs) reign of PDP in the country.

The recent APC congresses across the nation have clearly exposed Chief Oyegun’s gimmicks and secret agenda. According to reports, Chief Oyegun deliberately allowed parallel congresses in a lot of states, to set up confusion in the structural arrangement of the APC. This he has well planned out, to aid his re-election bid.

According to his close associate, “Chief Oyegun has it all well planned out, he caused confusion in many states, by tactically withdrawing the chairmen of most of the congress committees across the country without even formally notifying them of the termination of their services. He secretly replaces them and cause parallel congresses, then he instruct the Admin Secretary and the National Secretary to accept the congress reports and results from both committee chairmen who conducted parallel congresses” his associate revealed.

When asked how Chief Oyegun intend to resolve this and use it in his favour, this was what the anonymous source said; “Oyegun has already mapped it all, it’s just to hatch it. He had it mapped in two phases, he has successfully carried out phase one, he is about hatching phase two of his plans. Phase two, is to hurriedly inaugurate the newly elected executives, recognising the parallel ones he arranged, before the to ensure they would be the ones to produce the delegates for the National Convention. This if carried out successfully would have cemented and secured his plans to return him as the National Chairman, against the party’s choice and even that of the presidency” on further questioning, our source expressed his disappointment at the way things are going in the party, according to him, if the presidency does not step in, to checkmate Chief Oyegun’s excesses, he believes this could spell doom for the party. “From my observation, Oyegun is working for certain people who don’t want the president to return back, if this information is not treated with utmost seriousness, believe me, 2019 will end up as a mirage, Chief Oyegun is out on a very destructive mission, as a matter of urgency, the presidency should do something fast to stop him” our source said.

Mafemi Omagbemi.
Write from Asaba.



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