How Muhammadu Buhari Prevented Bandits From Releasing Abducted Kaduna Students – Sheikh Gumi

How Muhammadu Buhari Stopped Bandits From Releasing Abducted Kaduna Students – Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Gumi has revealed how Buhari prevented abducted Kaduna students from being released by bandits.

A popular Islamic scholar, Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has reported that President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent shoot-on-sight order is preventing negotiations for the release of dozens of students kidnapped from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna.

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Sheikh Gumi, who has publicly taken on the task of holding peace talks and negotiating with bandits, told Daily Confidence that during his encounters with some bandits, he was able to recognise the bandit leader responsible for the attack on the Federal College in Kaduna, but their physical meeting was halted by the president’s shoot-on-sight order.

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“Those groups we met named him, but we were unable to contact him due to security concerns, as the government had issued a shoot-on-sight order and then said no negotiations. So I don’t want us to go into the bush and give the government the impression that we’re encouraging them,” Gumi said.

The cleric reported that he has met over 80% of the leaders of the bandits terrorising the country’s north, and that if he and his team had received government help, they would have been able to convince the bandits to agree to a peace agreement.

Sheikh Gumi also revealed that through his numerous peace negotiations, he and his team have reliable intel that can determine and outright recognise illegal activities and the perpetrators.

“We would have met all the leaders if we had been given support. Almost everyone we encountered offered to help us negotiate on our behalf, similar to what happened in Niger State.

“At this point, our skill has improved to the point that we can decide who is involved in any criminal act. The leader of those who kidnapped the students has been named, but he has never attended a peace meeting with us,” he said.

President Buhari reaffirmed his order to shoot on sight someone spotted illegally carrying an AK-47 about a fortnight ago. Mr Buhari said that the order was issued to reduce banditry and killings across the region.

Across the country, prominent voices and legal practitioners have slammed Mr Buhari’s order. The order, according to Inibehe Effiong, a human rights lawyer, is illegal, a play to the gallery, and a breach of the rule of law because anyone can possess weapons, even security officials dressed in mufti.

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The unwillingness of the leader of a bandit group to make any appearance to the ‘unarmed negotiator’ at the excuse of the president’s shoot-on-sight order apparently underscores the fact that Nigerian security forces are not incapable of decisively dealing with criminals pervading the nation’s countryside, but they mostly rely on the body language of the presidency to act.

# How Muhammadu Buhari Prevented Bandits From Releasing Abducted Kaduna Students


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