How Jehovah’s Witnesses Predicted The Coronavirus Outbreak 15 Years Ago


Jehovah's Witnesses

Cover of Awake publication 15 years ago The lethal or COVID-19 was predicted by a post published by the Jehovah’s Witness, a religious group, 15 years back, in its publication, Awake! The world disregarded the warning.

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According to the short article “The Next Global Epidemic, WHEN?” released in the December 22, 2005, edition of Awake!,

The world was alerted that a pandemic virus may emerge in China or a close-by country in the future.

It also warned that it might originate from an animal and might appear from antigens or virulence factors stemmed from animal influenza viruses.

The prediction, seen by some analysts as opportunistic, came two years after the end of another pandemic virus, the severe acute breathing syndrome(SARS )break out that began in November 2002. A part of the post-SARS was.

Also a coronavirus, and it likewise jumped to people from animals in the damp markets.SARS emerged in Guangdong and contaminated 8,098 people over eight months, eliminating 774 Patients experienced fevers, headaches, and a kind of lethal pneumonia that could cause respiratory failure called SARS”

The first pandemic of the 21st century,” since it spread out throughout 29 countries.

The illness hasn’t been seen in human beings because of July 2003.

The Awake publication author in forecasting another infection quoted the medical journal, Vaccine, of 2003, which alerted:

“It has been 35 years because of the last influenza pandemic, and the most prolonged period between pandemics taped with certainty in 39 years.

The pandemic infection might emerge in China or a neighbouring country and could surface from antigens or virulence elements derived from animal influenza viruses.


“It will spread quickly throughout the world.

Numerous waves of infection will take place. Morbidity will be substantial in all age groups, and there will be an extended interruption of social, economic activity in all countries.

Excess death will be evident in many, if not any, groups.

It is not likely that healthcare systems in even the most economically developed nations will be able to manage the demand for health care services effectively.”

True to this forecast, the influenza pandemic once again started in China in December 2019, from where it has spread to other parts of the world.

The virus has presented big problems to China and the World Health Organisation.

its containment. *** Via PM News


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