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Beautiful Actress, Padita Agu in a video she shared on her YouTube Page has shared the unhappy story of how her 3-year-old marriage packed up!

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Padita narrated how she bought married to her ex-husband the very first day they met after sustaining an extended distance relationship over the cellphone.

According to her, she met her ex-husband at a buddy’s home. She had gone to the buddy’s home to console her and this buddy later referred to as to inform her that the man who was in her home when she came around, was fascinated by her and wished her quantity.

Padita who was in a relationship at the time, stated she turned down her buddy’s request to talk with the man. Her buddy pressured her a lot and he or she gave into her buddy’s request and determined to talk with the man.

At the time they spoke, the man was residing outdoors the nation. After a lot communication by way of cellphone, they began to speak about marriage. It was in one among their many conversations that he bought her an concept that she says she regrets until date.

”This man and I have been speaking over the cellphone and we bought to the level of agreeing to be married. So he determined to promote me this excellent thought, that how about we go on some journey, lets get married the very first day we get to see as a result of all this whereas we’ve got been taling, I don’t keep in mind his face. I haven’t seen him. He simply noticed me as soon as when I got here to my buddy’s place to consolde her. He would possibly I seen me in my films, I don’t know. All I know is that at this level, we don’t actually know one another. We haven’t seen one another however we’ve got been speaking over the cellphone. I don’t remeber his face, I don’t keep in mind how he seems however we’ve got been speaking so we’re so acquainted however not simply facially.

So he stated okay, how about we attempt some journey, we organize a wedding and we simply see ourselves proper at the registry once we are getting married. I was like wow, that’s deep, that’s severe. I was like what would my household say? What would I say to them> I was simply scared however excited at the similar time. So he stated for my household, we don’t have to inform them about the secret marriage. So as soon as we’re achieved, we’d go and meet them as if we have been simply relationship and we inform them we wish to get married and we take it from there.

So as soon as we get married, perhaps years later, if we had youngsters and all that, we will now speak in confidence to them and say ‘oh by the way, we had a secret wedding. At that point, it wouldn’t matter as a result of then, we’re already married. And as for him and I, as soon as we do it and we meet ourselves and we realise we don’t need this anymore, as quietly as we did it, we’d simply go and undo it.

So I thought to myself, there isn’t a hurt on this. If we don’t need it once more, we dissolve it quietly like he stated and my household don’t need to know as a result of finally we’d wed correctly. So, I thought it was a pleasant thought.

So, I went to the regustry as a result of he was out of the nation at the time. I went to the registry,bought us registered. The day got here, it was my birthday. He additionally selected my birthday to make it particular. So I felt wow, that is superb. That day I didn’t inform anybody. In between, he informed me to not inform anybody. that if I inform people, no person would encourage it for some destructive motive. Some is likely to be jealous.

On the wedding ceremony day, I arrived at the registry with a cab. He arrived with a cab. The cabman who introduced me signed as my witness whereas the one who introduced him signed as his witness. and we wedded. From their, we went to see my household to inform them we have been relationship and wished to get married.

The marriage lasted for 3 years and that three years is the worst I have ever gone by means of in my virtually 4 many years of residing to the level I tried suicide. I simply wished to kill myself and finish it. There was this factor about actresses not staying in marriage so I simply couldn’t see myself leaving and so I simply wished to remain there. Since I couldn’t go away, I thought I should simply finish this entire bother. I know a few of you’ll be like this is the reason this lady left the trade. Yes, this is the reason I left the trade. He didn’t inform me to depart straight however not directly, he bought me out of the trade, lower me off everybody, all the things…my profession, my faculty, my household, mates…ecept mates he was okay with them”

Padita recounted how her ex-husband informed her that their marriage was authorized and any try and annul it, would trigger them to incur the wrought of God right down to their fourth technology and that she would bear most of the wrought as the spouse.

Amongst the classes Padita says she learnt type the expertise is

  1. Never give in to stress be it parental, peer group or societal.
  2. Never assume you might be aware of somebody you might be chatting on speaking with on cellphone or social media. This goes to people in lengthy distant relationships. Never commit deeply till you see that particular person.
  3. Never accept a partner you aren’t compartible with
  4. Never go away in Isolation.

Watch the video of her sharing her expertise under;



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