Video: How Gov. Okowa's CSO Beat Mechanic, others Beyond Recognition, detain them over Parking space

Man beaten by Gov Okowa's CSO in warri

Man beaten by Gov Okowa's CSO in warri
The Chief Security Officer to  Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, , who is also the son of His Royal Majesty the Obi of Owa, beat a man, others  beyond recognition and also got them  arrested.
The CSO went for lunch to eat his native soup (Ofejuju) and powdered yam by House on the Rock Church along Delta Broadcasting Station, DBS Road.
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Instead of him telling his driver to park at the parking space of the Restaurant, He asks the driver to park in front of a mechanic workshop own by one Mr. Ola Coker who went to test drive a customer’s car.
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Ola Coker returned, only to see that someone has packed in the space he removed the customer’s car from.
He decided to park behind the Almighty CSO’s car.
Only for the CSO to come back and wanted to know who on Earth parked and blocked his car.
Ola (mechanic) came out and tries to explain to the Almighty CSO that he was waiting for him to come and remove his car so that he the (Mechanic) to do his work.
The CSO got upset and introduced himself that he is the CSO to Governor Okowa and that his father is a king and that he is a prince, he can shot and kill the mechanic and nobody can stop him or dare him.
He decided asked his security men, Mopo l to slap the mechanic severally.
The junior brother of the machine who is a panel beater told the CSO that what he is doing, by ask his mopol to slap his senior Brother is wrong. The CSO slapped the panel beater ( Ema Coker twice and the panel beater closed his eyes with his two hands and got somewhere to sit down.
The CSO continue, gave the mechanic the beating of his life.
The air conditioner came in and told the Almighty CSO that he is wrong and that even if he is in government, the CSO should not oppress the mechanic with his position.
Mr. Andy Okeibunor ,got the beating of his life. T
a across to somewhere, and five red beret policemen arrived, they a beating to and to and to the and.
The poor Mr Any Okeibunor was detained.
His friends came to his rescue by contributing Ten thousand naira (#10,000) for his bail even though bail is free.
This is the story and this is the song of a CSO, a CSP in the Nigerian police force, and a Son of a Royal Father that is highly respected in Delta State.”
It was gathered that the Panel beater and the have a human Right Lawyer to a against the , to the of , Service Commission, The Inspector General of , Director of , The Commissioner of. Nigerian Bar Association Delta .
Meanwhile,  the  CSO said in a call put to him that  the victims were pretending to tarnish the good name of Gov Okowa.

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How Okowa CSo beat Man Beyond Recognition, sent him to cell

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