*NWC COLLECTIVELY appointed a Congress Committee as an ORGAN of the party. Unable to bribe the Chairman and most members of of that Committee, a certain POLITICAL MERCHANT cried to his ‘DADDIES’ to “Do something urgently, Sir otherwise I AM FINISHED in the hands of Ogboru, Omo-Agege, Kachikwu and Mrs. Ali”.*

*To help their crying son, these individuals then said all of a sudden that they have dissolved the Congress Committee and postponed the Congress. Mind you, the NWC never met to either dissolve or postpone the Congress. It was just one or two individuals (the Political Merchant’s Daddies) who said they did.*

Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – APPLY NOW

*Significantly, there was no formal communication to the Congress Committee Chairman – the Most Distinguished Senator Olugbenga Obadara – that the their Committee (which was already duly inaugurated) was dissolved. Also no formal communication to the Chairman of the Committee that the Congress was shifted. Everything was just done arbitrarily and in secret in a typical PDP style. Rather, they decided to issue some fake and worthless letters to their son to distribute externally.*

*But we know that these individuals cannot validly do what they claimed to have done, as those acts are both unlawful and a violation of due process. We are not people who bow to rascality. We challenge wrongs and defeat them. This as an obvious one and it had to be killed very fast.*

*So we consulted very far and wide. Top respected political leaders in the country, including the Jagaban himself totally agreed with us that such must not be tolerated. INEC agreed too. Relevant security agencies agreed that the private so-called dissolution and postponement are desperate acts of mischief capable of creating avoidable insecurity problems. Against these backgrounds, massive support came from high and important quarters for the State Congress to be conducted as announced by the NWC and in accordance with the official guidelines. And that is what happened. End of discussion.*

*Now, let it be said that it is anybody’s right to agree or disagree with how we defeated the challenge of deception made through political corruption and growing rascality. If you are against it, see you in Court. The choice is yours. But it has been confirmed again that power is often taken in hard ways. It is hardly a free gift. Virtually everyone who was there could easily have testified that POWER was there in abundance. That power will not go away any time soon.*

*For now, Delta now has an APC that is for all. That had always been our objective and it had been achieved. Congratulations to all APC members.*

*While it is no doubt still early in the day, all the same, we must say to PDP, “Get ready. Your days are numbered.’ Our focus is shifting to your nonsense in our State. We will uproot you.



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