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By: Davidson Onedju
Review by : Omajemite Don

Stories reaching us from the stables of some self acclaimed APC caucus leaders in Okpe and Sapele LGAs, led by , the John Odigie Oyegun Delta State APC Chairman is that they converged some few days ago somewhere in Sapele where, after the ungodly meeting, they came up with a decision to sack from his leadership position in Delta State and replaced him with their loyalist , who happens to be an aspirant, vying for the post of house of representative. This is as result of the facts that they no longer see as someone who is doing their bidding against the interest of the party, as such they ganged up against him and the following people signed his remover.

They are:
Chief .
Chief Julius Okpoko.
Dr David Ejenobo.
Chief Lucky Esidje.
Mr Member Egheneloho.
Prince Mebitaghan Benson.
Engr Mike Pemu.
Famous Sagay
Robert Atagbasha.
Eld Favour Adibor.
Itorho B Itorho.

The most disturbing and alarming aspect of the unholy alliance that took place that very day is that they wholy forgot to remember that the leadership position of AVM Ajobena in the state is not contestable and not disputable under any circumstance.

The APC constitution which is sacrosanct is very clear on that matter. Ajobena being the only former governor who happens to be a member of the Delta State APC automatically placed him in a good position over every other APC member in the state and by virtue of that, he is a member of the national caucus of the party. Therefore, conspiring to dethrone him from such merited position is like someone dream walking in the day hoping that someone will wake him up. One may not be totally wrong to feel that Ajobena might have played himself into their hands along the line as a political neophyte in the recent past, trusting them with all his heart, thinking they are friends, but they ended up being foes. One thing is clear. It is not in anybody’s position or group to try to run him down in such an unruly and unthinkable manner after throwing his weight behind them even though they never succeeded in their quest to grab the party structure at all cost and by all means possible.

Now, probing deeper into what seems like a conspiracy theory, it was reliably gathered that what could have prompted them to take the ungodly decision may not be unconnected with the reconciliation visit paid by Prophet Jones Ode Erue, authentic Delta State APC Chairman and his executives to AVM Ajobena to seek his fatherly advice on how to harmonize all aggrieved members of the party in the state.

Jones led SWC recognizes Ajobena as one of the foremost leaders of the party hence the visit. They on the other side now see everyone fraternizing with the Jones’ faction as a sworn enemy that must be cast away with utmost urgency. This of course is how the Ajobena dilemma started gathering momentum. To them, he was expected to have treated his guests with total disdain and levity and in the process not granting them audience at all. But the common truth is that, it is never in the character of an average Okpe man to be unwelcoming to his guests irrespective of position and status.

How long will Cyril Ogodo and his Co sojourners continue to be at loggerhead with every perceived enemy? It is either one is with them or is against them. This is the posture they have so relegated themselves to. Always poising for war even when there’s none in sight. Ogodo in his vain glory must not be swollen headed as to want to light up a fire that may consume him forever. He must not be like that snake that dared swallow a crab, definitely it will not live to tell it sweet taste.

Crisis Rocks the souls of Okpe APC as Chief Hon Julius Okpoko merged leader.

He must not also mistake the gentle strides of the tiger for cowardice. If he and his bandwagon choose not to recognize AVM Frank Ajobena as their leader fine, nobody will flog them for that. They have every right to make their own choices as issues surface and resurface. But, let me state it once and for all again that the leadership position AVM Frank Ajobena is enjoying today is not contestable, is not disputable and not rotational under any circumstance.

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It is a right and privilege bestowed upon him by the constitution of our great party. When any other person emerges as a governor under the APC in the state such will be bestowed with same rights and privileges. For the now, Ajobena alone enjoys all that. He is a leader and by virtue of his position as a leader he can decide to be a player on both sides of the divide when his decision may lead to a lasting peace and harmony within the members of the party.

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