How can terrorists organize, have weapons, and strike security installations? — Buhari Slams NCS Comptroller

President Muhammadu Buhari

Buhari Slams NCS Comptroller

expressed horror at the extent of the attack’s damage when touring the scene yesterday in the company of his chief of staff, Prof. , and the secretary to the government of the federation, .

“How many prisoners were housed there? How many of them are you able to identify? How many employees were on duty for you? How many of them had weapons? On the lookout, did guards stand watch? How did they act? Is the CCTV functional?

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How are terrorists able to organize an attack, obtain weapons, target a security installation, and escape punishment? President questioned.

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However, he was told that security forces had managed to apprehend more than 350 escapees, and that more than 400 others were still being sought after.

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The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Belgore, and the Controller General of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa, informed the President on the attack and showed him the bombed-out entrance to the records office that had been set on fire.

Buhari was informed that none of the 64 terrorists were ultimately found, but that their records were unaffected.

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