Sam Adjogbe
Sam Adjogbe

Sometime in 2016, Olorogun Otega Emerhor informed Chief Great Ogboru that the nomination of Engr. Samuel Ajogbe as NDDC’s EDP was under serious threat. Chief Ogboru then immediately told about the bad development and solicited that three of them (Ogboru, Senator and Emerhor) must act jointly and proactively to save the nomination.

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Immediately thereafter, Ogboru then arranged for Senator Omo-Agege to have a meeting with Emerhor on his (Emerhor’s) request. A visibly agitated Emerhor came very late in the night on the said day and explained details of the challenges to Omo-Agege. Clearly, Emerhor came to the Distinguished Senator because he knew and believed he has unique solutions to issues like that.

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Replying, Omo-Agege simply said, “Bros, don’t worry. We will protect the nomination. Bros G (ie Bros Great) already told me. I didn’t want you to bother yourself to come this late. Don’t worry. I’m already on it. We will fix the problem.” Emerhor was obviously pleased about the Senator’s response though he still appeared worried.

That same night, Senator Omo-Agege took additional steps at very high quarters and all obstacles to Adjogbe as EDP were removed. The truth is, Emerhor and Adjogbe know that but for the Senator Omo-Agege’s timely and unique intervention, Adjogbe’s nomination was already dead.

Senator Omo-Agege showed Emerhor huge respect due an elder brother. He did not want any shame to come to him personally or to the Urhobo Nation. He also thought that Adjogbe was at least academically qualified and needed to have the chance to represent our people. He did what he did with a clean and clear conscience in the expectation that Adjogbe would display good character on the job.

But life can be complex to understand. When Adjogbe had a little chance to say, ‘Omo-Agege is my Big Brother, don’t touch him’, he did not. Instead, he provided additional ammunition for enemies to ‘kill’ his own brother.

And this is the summary of what happened. When the issue of suspending or not suspending Senator Omo-Agege from the Senate was raging, Adjogbe hurriedly hosted a meeting of the Senate Committee on NDDC. Senator Nwaoboshi (PDP, Chairman Senate NDDC Committee) and Senator Sam Ayanwu (PDP, Vice Chairman Senate NDDC Committee & Chairman Senate Ethics Committee that eventually suspended our Senator) were in attendance. At that meeting, Adjogbe specifically said our Senator is his “biggest problem” in Delta State. On this basis, Adjogbe then asked his PDP friends to immediately suspend our Senator. He provided corrupt financial support for the illegal suspension that later took place. This is the same Adjogbe whom Omo-Agege helped to become EDP! He corruptly funded the illegal suspension of Urhobo’s only Senator.

This information is provided so that our people, especially the Urhobo people, may know how conscienceless some of our own can be. Senator Omo-Agege surely holds no grudges against Adjogbe and those who directed him to fund the illegal suspension, but it is on record that our Super Senator used the law to rise above this pettiness and wickedness. God helped him to prevail over outside enemies who received help from ‘brothers’.

In the interest of Urhobo and all persons of good conscience, Senator Omo-Agege will not stop doing good just because of characters like EDP Adjogbe – his supposed junior brother. May they repent and fear God.


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