How a Nigerian Guy used his house rent to buy his girlfriend an iPhone


A Nigerian guy on Twitter shocked his followers after he narrated a recent drama that happened between himself and his girlfriend.

According to the young lad identified as Seun, he said he used his house rent to buy a brand new iPhone for his girlfriend.

Though, we are very much aware that Seun is clout chasing.. But hey, who doesn’t love a well thought twitter story?

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According to him, the drama happened during his girl’s birthday. His girl threatened to dump him, if he failed to purchase the said phone for her.

Feeling like the perfect boyfriend, Seun then decided to take the money meant to settle his rent and bought the phone for his babe.

“It was her birthday. She insisted I must get her a new iPhone X or she calls it quits. Out of love, I used the money for my rent to get her the phone. I have just today to pay my rent or I get kicked out of my apartment,” he said.

His followers thus tagged him stupid. Some comments below;

— I have a plan… take her to a fine location then arrange some guys to come n rob both of you… they collect the iPhone, you sell it later and pay your rent

— Such a selfless individual. Your future wife will enjoy you. But you see for tomorrow under bridge is ya abode. Bless

— Use the iPhone box to pack ur things.. U need an expensive suitcase…


— Go to synagogue for deliverance, generational forces are at play here

— I need a new maiguard “security/gateman” and it comes with a free gatehouse. So I meet your need, u meet mine. #15k Naira a month, if u care


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